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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


June 4, 2009

Sky Watch 5/6/2009

On the hill the village of Rubiana (700m, Piedmont, Italy), which is situated in a pleasant environment and has a lush vegetation, with woods of chestnut trees, oaks, beeches, larches, pines, meadows and pasture lands.

Happy Sky Watch!

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Rob Ripma
Awesome shots! Very beautiful!

Wow. Beautiful shots of this fantastic landscape! Just beautiful!

Beautiful land. I'd love to hike there.

Beautiful photos and amazing landscape! =)

EG CameraGirl
What beautiful terrain! The lovely sky is a bonus. ;-)

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

It's my idea of God's own living room. Great shots, Pietro!

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A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Sylvia K
What an incredible place! And your captures are breathtaking, Pietro! Beautiful skies, beautiful landscapes! Just doesn't get any better and you caught it all perfectly!

Have a great weekend!

Veramente belle queste immagini di colline che si scagliano contro il cielo.

Un saluto Pietro e buona giornata!

Ciao Pietro buon fine settimana..bella Rubiana, ci sono stata tante volte....beautiful (così venendo qui imparo qualche parola d'inglese):-)

Great skies Pietro...

I love the lush green! Beautiful .

Very soon (on the 19th) I will see my beloved mountains again around the Garda lake ! we will stay there for 10 days !
The south of Morocco is THE place for painter's eyes !! the colors are so beautiful I can't find words. it almost looks unreal. You have red rocks with green spots the whole eggshell white till yellow ocre, some places look like the moon !
The kitchen is very good and not spicy at all. you eat a lot of vegetables, chicken and lamb. The famous couscous. Real very very healthy. Only raw vegetables or salad you should avoid because our sophisticated stomacs don't support the "dirty" water there ! same for ice cubes.

Hi Pietro! Lovely pictures, wonderful sky, great Piedmont!!

Want to see Trakai? Blogtrotter has it… Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Your Skywatch is beautiful! What a country.

I am sorry about your Mr. Linky troubles. It has been a problem for all its subscribers, unfortunately.

I have been coming to it the Skywatch via Google chrome without any problem, though. I don't know if that is what is making the difference or my timing has been lucky. But it may be worth a try. Google Chrome is far superior to IE and Firefox.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Wonderful photos of the mountains of Italy under a beautiful sky.
There are a lot of people having trouble with SWF, it has to do with Internet Explorer.

Wonderful landscape Pietro and lovely blue sky! It seems to me I can smell the air, so fresh and clean.
Have a nice weekend!

Ann in Belgium
don't know where these were shot but the sky and the mountains are a great contrast. Love it!

Beautiful country and nice shots.

get zapped
Stunning! I'm about to walk right through my monitor into this scene....

D Herrod
Wow. Absolutely amazing mountains.
oh my gosh! these are amazing skywatch shots Pietro! Stunning!

Sereno fine settimana Pietro!

Such tranquil scenes!
I hope you made it back down the mountain before the rain. ;-)

i would love to head there sometime

You live so near the mountains - it's beautiful :)

Beautiful landscape. I would love to spend some time there.

Amazing... How I wish I could stand on the top of the second mountain picture and just sing my heart out... it's so beautiful. What a perfect view!

Unseen India Tours
The Photos Are Really Great !! Thanks For Sharing

so serene :)

Love the compositions, Pietro. Very professionally taken:)

Allora hope you have Happy Sky-watching this weekend as I do have right now. Oh how nice to know that we all are living under the same ''beauty''.

Back for another drop of fresh air.

Beautiful, peaceful capture...

A great place to dream...

Behold, the handiwork of God! Magnificent!
Have a blessed Sunday, Pietro.

Buongiorno Pietro, buon inizio di questa nuova settimana e grazie infinite per gli auguri!!!

ciao Pietro, quest'anno con il fatto dei lavori di ristrutturazione e la mamma che è molto anziana, non sono riuscita ad andare un giorno ad Ala di Stura e mi sa che quest'anno rimango qui a Pino T.. però vado in montagna quando entro nel tuo blog, e inizio a sognare splendide camminate. grazie un abbraccio

Ciao Pietro ti auguro un buon inizio settimana.

that beautiful place! luv it!

amazing landscape!why dont i see it featured in travel and leisure or conde nast magazine?

You have captured some beautiful scenes. I have not seen better looking pictures today.

I did manage to get some peony blooms this year and recorded them on my flower blog.

Our Flower Pot

Marie Reed
Pietro! What a lush landscape! The view is splendid!

The Blonde Duck
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

So refreshingly beautiful.

Verte et bleue....notre planète. Souhaitons qu'elle reste ainsi pour de longs siècles encore.
J'imagine que tu fais de longues randonnées à pied, lorsque tu prends de telles séries de photos, Piétro. Combien de kilomètres en moyenne ?
Bon dimaanche.

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