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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


May 30, 2009

Against war

Marlene Dietrich sings "Where have all the flowers gone?"

"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" is a folk song of the 1960s written by Pete Seeger and Joe Hickerson. It is a protest song against war. The interesting and touching text describes a sort of cycle which begins from the flowers and returns to the flowers. Marlene Dietrich's interpretation is really great.

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wow! I remember hearing this song growing up but I've never seen that video before. Thanks Pietro.

Bon giorno, Pietro!
I remember that song too and shall watch the video when I am at my "real" computer (my portable one doesn't have the plug-in).

I have not forgotten about Schloss Hof - the pictures of the exterior facades are not the greatest, so a post using these will take a little more time than I could spare during these last busy days.

Buona fine settimana! ;-)

Une très belle illustration, Piétro.
Malheureusement, l'Humanité retient rarement les conséquences de son Histoire...... Et renouvelle bien souvent les mêmes erreurs.
J'aime l'interprétation crescendo de Marlène Dietrich. La vie n'est faite que de cela, de douces périodes de Paix et de forts moments de crise....

Very different! She is very convincing in this interpretation.
Next time I walk around in Mt. Herzl military cemetery I will be thinking of this video. Thanks, Pietro.

Ciao Pietro, ti auguro un buon fine settimana..
Una canzone nostalgica, tristemente famosa e ahimè attuale...
è difficile che la gente impari dai propri errori è molto difficile....


La storia purtroppo sembra non averci insegnato nulla...continuiamo a fare le stesse stupidaggini per non dire un'altra cosa...
Bello il video e Marlene e struggente in questa sua interpretazione nonostante che la musica sia abbastanza ritmata.

Beh! non sarà ne divertente e ne emozionante ma spero che sia almento rilassante... il tuo fine settimana intendo...

Un abbraccio!

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Pietro: Very nicely done, a song from my past during the VN war. It has come full circle to our nation. Man certainly will not learn history lessons.

It is, indeed. Wow.

This is quite unexpected, Pietro! Love the song.

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You've brought back many memories for me today. I used to sing this song a lot back in the 60's. We would sing at 4-H club meetings and camps.
Sadly, the song still fits today's world.
Great post!

ciao Pietro , buoana giornata

Buongiorno Pietro con oggi inizia una nuova settimana ma anche un nuovo mese che ti auguro porti solo cose belle!
Un abbraccio!

Ciao Pietro buon inizio settimana, hai visto che spettacolo le alpi?

wow Marlene Dietrich! I love the song! Thanks for sharing! BTW, Can we exlinks?

The Green Man In His Green World

can't take my eyes off her sparkly necklace!

The Blonde Duck
I never knew that! How cool!

Buongiorno Pietro, avanza una vasta area anticiclonica che ci regalerà delle belle giornate di sole...speriamo non afose, in montagna si starà meglio.

ciao Pietro,sono poco presente perche presa con i decoratori che tinteggiano le camere,, io sono una perfezionista per cui trovo il pelo nell'uovo.
un abbraccio amichevole

sonia a. mascaro
Very beautiful song, Pietro!

PS: I do continue with Ecological Day, but without collective blogging. If you have the time, please, come to see my current post. I know you like Ecological Day!
A big hug to you.

She was really unique!

The superkids the courage is proportional to the length of the spiders legs, and although they are little, harvestmen have really long legs :-D

I love to hear Marlene but I’ve never heard this song. I enjoyed listening to it. Thanks for sharing.

my parents loves this song. we have a record of that at home.

I have never heard this before, it is so melodious. I enjoyed listening to it.

Ohh I know, I know this folk song Pietro, that is so true and one of my most loved songs.

As said always, let there be peace in the world? No, but firstly let there be love, then peace and all the flowers to go blooming:)

In the meantime, your sense of humor is great! Your kind note about finding the one you'll choose will be my theme to add in next mobile technology. Grazie as you made me so laughing this eve:)

Buona serata~

Hmm... I am not familiar with the song. But I like it.
Have a happy Wednesday, Pietro. :)

Grazie Pietro per il bel pensiero che mi hai lasciato...i complimenti ogni tanto inorgogliscono la mia semplice vena poetica.
Un abbraccio e buona giornata!

Marie Reed
This is such a gorgeous song Pietro! Isn't amazing how here necklace just sparkles as she sings?

Great video!!