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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


July 30, 2009

Sky Watch 31/7/2009

Turin, the Mole Antonelliana

The Mole Antonelliana, 167m high, is the symbol of the city of Turin. It is named for the architect, Alessandro Antonelli, who designed it in 1863 as a synagogue, then the project was changed. The building was completed 26 years later, after the architect's death. Nowadays it houses the National Museum of Cinema. A glass-walled lift soars up to a viewing platform 85m up on the spire of the building: from there the panorama over the city and towards the Alps is wonderful.

Happy Sky Watch!

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I mentioned when I commented on your previous post that I liked blue. So glad you continued that theme today. :)
Your perspective of it showcases the magnificent architecture of this building.
The blue flowers against the blue sky are beautiful. I would have thought the flowers would be lost but they aren't - love it Pietro!

I just LOVE the second shot!!

Beautiful angle!
Have a great weekend :)


foto CHIP Sweden
Amazing building - I like the sihouette against the sky :)
Your other shot make my heart warm - so lovely with the blue flowers to the sky :)

Sylvia K
Gorgeous blue flowers to go such beautiful skies! And I love the composition in both shots! Great job, Pietro!

Have a lovely weekend!

Oh nice, I would love to ride that glass lift to the platform... such a pretty view for sure!!

Beautiful floral with such a pretty sky backdrop!
both absolutely gorgeous skywatch photos Pietro!

Photo Cache
Absolutely lovely. The second image is stunning.

Have you been able to visit Joy?

Lovely shots, great perspective. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Pietro!
I love both photo!
I have to go to work.
I'll get back here after coming home!Have a nice day!

Jane Hards Photography
Both lovely but the second one has real star quality. Those blue flowers are so delicate.

sonia a. mascaro
Pietro, the Mole Antonelliana is stunning, wonderful! And the blue flower with the blue sky are beautiful too.
Happy Sky Watch to you!

Beautiful shots. Enjoyed both the architecture of the monument as well as the the flower tree against the beautiful sky.

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro,
I am glad you like my morning photo. I can see that you wake up very early indeed, 5.14 am!! I have the bad habit to go sleep at midnight or 1:00 am... Here it's 00:22 am and I am at Internet...Lol!
Have a nice weekend as well!

The building and the flowers are complementery. The tower is so delicate but huge. The flowers are also delicate but small. Great shots.

Interesting architecture and beautiful pictures.
I have been in Torino once, but that was years ago, I don't even remember well.

Ciao Pietro, buon fine settimana.
Sai, la prima volta che sono salita sulla Mole, un secolo fa:-) mi sono sentita subito a casa.
Magnifiche sempre le tue foto.

Both blue on blue shots are real beauties. The roof is such a wonderful construction with the pillared upper details, and the second shot? Well, the second shot is just pure heaven.

Lovely shots Pietro. Happy weekend to you!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: What a wonderful tower to use for showing off the sky. I did also enjoy your photo through the flowers.

Interesting reading and awesome shots!

Unseen India Tours
Wow the first shot is so fantastic !! I really loved the big building top..Thanks for sharing the beauty with us..Unseen Rajasthan

The Mole Antonelliana is magnefecient. It would certainly feel heavenly to be able to see that in person.
Thanks for sharing, Pietro. :)

Amazing and visionary. The spire seems so contemporary.

The second shot is wonderful,t oo. I like the way the light comes through the blossoms.

Ah la Mole Antonelliana, la mostri più bella che mai.....

Purtroppo si, incominceranno a "sconquassare" le nostre alture e non solo...
Buon fine settimana :-)

Beautiful views. Happy Sky Watch!


Hi Pietro!
How are you doing this weekend?
I went to see fireworks.
They were so beautiful.
I hope there are a lot of beautiful picture.
By the way the best color for me is sky blue. I mean it's pale and bright like water.
So I like this flower.
The pale sky blue looks pure.

What lovely pictures these are! I also like the header painting.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens
I always associate Turin with the little Topolino we used to zip around.
The forgetmenot blue of the stately larkspur flowers together with the summer sky is marvelous.

i love the flowers! :)

Hi Pietro!
I hope it's a sunny day in Italy today.
In Japan it's raining.
it was good it didin't rain last night.
Because if it rained, we could'n've seen fire works!

I like very much the design of the dome and the top of the building dear Pietro! It is really a great work of art!

Bellissime tutte e due le foto Pietro!

Un saluto serale per augurarti anche un buon inizio settimana!

Ciao Pietro, buon inizio settimana, ci voleva un pò di pioggia ne?:-)

ciao Pietro, buon inizio settimana!!

ps: sono riuscita ad installare i plugin mancanti ,grazie del link

Hi Pietro!
Wonderful shots! The Molle is quite impressive and the blue flowers are excellent on that sky!!

Blogtrotter is back to the «urban jungle», which Reykjavik is far from being... ;)). Enjoy and have a fabulous week!

Oh my those blue flowers on that tree/shrub are the angle the photos was taken!
Sky Blue for sure!

that foto of blue flowers against beautiful clouds and sky is simply amazing.

Hi Pietro!
Oh, that's too bad the weather was bad.
In Japan, it's sunny when you go out or somehing, we say " My attitude is good. that's why it's sunny. " Or " I work hard everyday. So you enjoy going out on a brilliant sunny day. thank to me. " or something.
Do you say that?:)
of course they're joking. we say them and enjoy talking to others.

The Blonde Duck
The little blue flowers look like butterflies! How cute!

The Blonde Duck
And to answer one of your questions, I do each Neverending story in one sitting while eating breakfast. :)

Hi Pietro!
It was a really hot day in Tokyo.
but this summer we have too much rain. so we're worried vegetable haven't grown.
by the way I really like talking with other countries' people. Because I can find the difference.
Thank you for telling me about your country.
I like talking with you:)
Have a lovery week ahead:)

Forse domani farà caldo...
Buona notte, Piero :-)

The Blonde Duck
The Pond is full of magic...

And I don't do diets. :) I run.

Wonderful photo and perspective of the roof and its architectural style is impressive! The second photo is also great. I love those blue flowers very much against that lovely blue sky.

The Mole monument at Turin is magnificent. The blue blossoms against the blue sky in the background is awesome.

Ciao Pietro ti auguro un buon fine settimana in anticipo:-) Domani partirò, vado a vedere un pò di albe e tramonti al mare.
Grazie dei tuoi gentili commenti.

Two beautiful photos together.
Interesting that the building was supposed to be a synagogue originally.

The mole is beautiful,
but the cornflowers against this gorgeous sky take the price in my heart!

The building is fantastic, but I might be more drawn to the simplicity of the flowers. But I have a "thing" about wildflowers.

That one of the flowers is beautimus.