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July 24, 2008

Sky Watch 25/7/2008

The Mole Antonelliana, the Alps, the sky

The Mole Antonelliana, 167m high, is the symbol of the city of Turin. It is named for the architect, Alessandro Antonelli, who designed it in 1863. Nowadays it houses the National Museum of Cinema. A glass-walled lift soars up to a viewing platform 85m up on the spire of the building: from there the panorama over the city and towards the Alps is wonderful.

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That looks like a wonderful place. The view must be spectacular from the inside. Your perspective is very impressive, too!

Gerald (SK14)
so marvellous that is still dominates the skyline - so many cities have had their old buildings dwarfed by modern monstrosities.

Pat - Arkansas
Beautiful place and lovely Sky Watch photo.

me ann my camera
This is a very beautiful cityscape with amazing detail. Very nice photo!
ann at varying seasons

It seems like sacrilege to have a glass-walled lift in such a lovely old building. Although, to their credit, it does not show in your image. With the focus on the tower, you have laid the city out well.

EG CameraGirl
The colour of the tile foofs against the blue sky is very attractive. What a beautiful city!

Oh this is awesome... I would love to see the view from inside of the city and the Alps ... I bet it is beautiful!!! Very nice post!
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What a beautiful shot of the city, the sky and the mountains. Just gorgeous. Mole Antonelli stands out but seems to belong there and be centered so beautifully against the mountains.

Love everything about this - a great view! Happy Skywatch Friday!

What a beautiful shot. The spire and the city are enough. The mountains are enough. The sky is lovely. But together it's just spectacular!

Fish Whisperer
Spectacular shot and a good one for sky watch.

Gorgeous Shot!! Well Done!

Snap Catch
Happy weekend! Perfect one for SWF! We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon.... Mine's up too hope you can drop by...

That's a beautiful shot of the city with the building dominating!

Wonderful sky shot. Wonderful panorama. I enjoyed learning about the Mole Antonelliana. Very interesting.


This is wonderful. Your picture inspires me to visit Turin!

Molto buono! A wonderful Skywatch!
An excellent shot and of course seeing the Alps on the Horizon is an added bonus!
Mille grazie!
Ciao, Klaus

That's a great shot!

Hope you can hop by my SWF post HERE. Happy weekends!

Jane Hards Photography
It is a fantastic skyline of an eclectic mix of building.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Wow, these is a super photo for SWF.

Lilli & Nevada
What a great place, beautiful sky

thanks for your comment )) Love your photos )))

When i first saw your pic i say wow...Happy SWF!

Wow! That's a beautiful picture. Love the structure.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Have a great weekend!


an awesome sight indeed!

Stunning.. :O)

Please forgive this 'copy & paste part of my comment but I am on my rounds checking all the links but wanted you to know I have seen your post and will try to get back again.
On behalf of all other Sky Watchers the team thank you for taking part this week.


Great view.

Louis la Vache
What a beautiful sky - and it is an interesting composition with the needle on the tower dividing the image in half as it does.

That is absolutely stunning! The view is breathtaking.

A beautiful picture. I would definitely like to see the view from the top :) Have a good weekend :)

sonia a. mascaro
What a wonderful view to Mole Antonelliana! Stunning photo! Really you live in a beautiful city!

Texas Travelers
I like your Sky Watch of the Alps and skyline. Great photo.

I am trying to visit all today.
It's a fun challenge.

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Troy and Martha

Hi Pietro, thanks for visiting my blog!
I also love your SWF photo very much! On the one hand, because the view of the Torino skyline is simply breathtaking, and on the other hand, because it's nice to see the Alps also from the other side for a change! ;)
We love Italy very much, spend our vacation there from time to time, and, most important: WE HAVE AN ITALIAN DOG (four years ago in Umbria little D'Ora came with us)!
Have a nice weekend! Regards, Maria

I love the view and the beauty of the whole picture!

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Skywatch Team

This is just beautiful. Wonderful landscape. Great work!

You must zip right up to the top and take a picture from there to show us all. Your city is so very beautiful.

This photo is gorgeous and the view is amazing!! Great sky photo! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment!!

Such a beautiful place and beautiful photo too.

What interesting light blue colour in the background!

That is a nice view too from where you are! Great that it still is the highest building there! HAppy weekend!

That is a beautiful building and a wonderful view. We were in Turin last in April 2007. We did go to the Shroud of Turn Museum (Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud of Turin) and drove around. Part of the time we were lost.
We drove to the Mole Antonelliana but did not enter. It is prettier from your point of view for the photo.
Thanks for showing us this magnificant structure in such a beautiful setting.
Oh, thanks too, for peeking in on my Kansas sky scene complete with unsightly BK sign.

Hello from Colorado. Wonderful picture.

An awesome photo! I really love mountains (at least on photos).

Don't know where you took the photo from, but it too is a beautiful spot. The Alps are so overwhelming in the background - majestic.

That's a beautiful photo! Just gorgeous.

Merci d'être venu sur mon blog. Je trouve que vous avez de très belles photos sur le vôtre !

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Hi Pietro!
Sorry for the absence these last weeks, but unfortunately it wasn’t due to some summer holidays… ;))
Thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, now at the MoMA for Art and New York lovers! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great week! I’ll try to get back here to enjoy your pictures with some more time during the week!

I can imagine what a wonderful view is from the top Mole Antonelli. The view from this perspective of yours is also very impressive with that fascinate old construction in the middle.

So beautiful! A perfect skywatch!

amazing height! im also amazed at the details of the roof.

Wow. thats an awesome shot.

You have stopped by my blog a few times and I've come to visit and for some reason I can't see the photos - at least not always.
Tonight I finally got a chance to see this one as it came up!
I will keep coming back - it's a lovely blog.

what a beautiful picture! the skyline is gorgeous!

The panorama is certainly spectacular from here, I trust you.
But it also wonderful from where you stand to take that picture! That way, you get the Mole amongst mountains.

Louis la Vache
"Louis" neglected to visit this link from your newer one the last time he looked at your blog. He's glad he came back and saw this perspective of this handsome tower.