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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.

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March 21, 2010

Dream of Spring

"Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower"
Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

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Beautiful signs of spring.
May you always have much sunshine, freedom, and many little flowers.

Bellissimo omaggio floreale...ci voleva proprio, accompagnato dalle fiabe di Hans :-)
Complimenti Pietro e buona domenica :-)

la primavera si è svegliata! che colori!

Si si Pietro la primavera è proprio arrivata .. è una magnifica esplosione di profumi e colori .

Un abbraccio e buona Domenica!

ciao Pietro, linea ripristinata.
buona domenica di primavera sotto la pioggia.

I love the flowers.... Nice :) refreshing pictures... :)

Spring is a lot less advanced here! French cherry blossom is blooming inside my house, but the Dutch cherries outside are not blossoming yet!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Beautiful flowers do bring memories of the beauty which will soon be upon us.

Sylvia K
Ciao! Such beautiful flowers, Pietro! Ah, spring! How wonderful it is/will be!! Hope you have a great week ahead! Enjoy!


These are utterly beautiful. Welcome, spring! So much beauty to behold. Thanks, Pietro.

Beautiful pictures of flowers. :) I am so glad that winter is over and here comes the spring. I am waiting for more flowers to appear soon here in Florida. :)

Ciao Pietro è questa la primavera che vogliamo!!E' inarrestabile il cammino del risveglio:-) Buon inizio settimana:-)

Hi Pietro!
Happy spring!
These days it's windy in Tokyo.
it's one of sign of spring in Japan!
how about your country?

Buon lunedì Pietro!

Yes, I agree with those 3 things! :)

and it simply reflects the greatness of our creator. great flowers and each continent has distinct flowers.

The Blonde Duck
I'm SO happy spring is here!

Both absolutely beautiful!
Thanks for sharing and...
Welcome Spring!!!

I almost used that quote last week. :)
Both of these are beautiful Pietro; but I love a Rose of Sharon against the sky - this is a gorgeous shot!
Have a wonderful week my friend!

Wow! Both photos are absolutely wonderful. Goodbye winter; Welcome spring! :-)

Hi Pietro! Welcome Spring; great macros!!

Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter 2, which has now landed in Mexico. Enjoy and have a great week!!

I love how the top photo's flowers have a white sky in the background.
These are really beautiful Pietro!

Photo Cache
So cheerful. Is the first image that of a crepe myrtle?

gorgeous captures

Beautiful shots. They are very lovely.

Buongiorno Pietro e buona primavera!

Thanks for stopping by and trying to comment yesterday, Pietro. I appreciate your visits and your effort.

Luma Rosa
Freedom adds everything, not? Pretty flowers! These are free and walk where it is the sun!

The Blonde Duck
I just love spring!

buongiorno Pietro, la primavera si fa desiderare!

Buondì Pietro, siamo a metà settimana:-) Una scoperta sconvolgente;-)Buona giornata.

Caro Pietro, anche qui cosidetto - 'o paese 'do sole - di sole nemmeno l'ombra, un grigio pesto da tutte le parti e stamane pergiunta c'è anche la nebbia, visto il caldo afoso che aveva fatto ieri...
ma noi si continua a sperare che presto la vera primavera arriverà...

Un abbraccio!

Very pretty flowers! Love the colors.
Enjoy the spring time Pietro.

Have a meaningful Holy Week.

Pietro these are beautiful shots, especially the first one with over exposed background. Very nice, I can smell the all the way here, lol. Anna :)

Louis la Vache
«Louis» thinks everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is ready for Spring!

Oh! What beauties! I can't wait to see lovely flowers around me.


Louis la Vache
Pietro, «Louis» hopes you enlarged this one. Blogger is cutting off the right side of the images «Louis» is posting - you'll miss part of the drama if you didn't enlarge it.

Gentile Pietro è uno di quei giorni che bisogna affrontare con grinta per non essere sommersi dal grigiore del tempo, quindi ora m'invento un pranzo nuovo:-) Buon venerdi

Buonasera Pietro, nel pomeriggio un venticello primaverile ha spazzato via le nubi e le alpi imbiancate sembrava quasi potessi abbracciarle, insieme ai bellissimi fiori da te gentilmente immortalati...grazie e buona serata :-)

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro,
So beautiful signs of spring.
Have a happy weekend!

Spring is here! are those hibiscus in the second photo? my national flower :)

How lovely!
Beautiful shots!

Quelle merveilleuse pensée poétique !
C'est ce que chacun sait, je pense....encore fallait-il l'écrire avec de simples mots....et tu y ajoutes de bien belles photos.


That is such a beautiful quote! I'm a fan of Hans Christian Andersen. And your photos are just as lovely.

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