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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


March 15, 2010

Election campaign

28th March, local elections in Italy: left wing or right wing?...

Oh, this last image has nothing to do with the elections! :-)

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Si si .... solo chiacchiere e belle parole... manifesti colorati e accattivanti.... ma poi... il nulla più totale.

Un saluto Pietro!

Ciao Pietro, buon inizio settimana. A dirti il vero il migliore è l'ultimo, ma non ho capito qual'è il partito;-) C'è supremazia anche nell'affisso, non voglio dire nulla dei nomi, perchè alcuni mi fanno morire dal ridere (lo so che la politica è una cosa seria), ma caggia fà:-) cmq hai fatto un bel reportage, ma li hai messi proprio tutti?Attenzione che c'è la par condicio:-)) Un rispettoso saluto.

So many choices. I hope the candidate with the broom makes a clean sweep.
Haha, maybe the one in the last photo SHOULD be part of the election campaign.

Unseen India Tours
Candidates really work hard to Win !! Many posters at a single place !! Great captured !!Great Idea !!

Sylvia K
Ciao Pietro, ah politics and politicians and there does seem to be a lot of them -- lots of choices -- well, one hopes there are lots of good choices! Dina is right, maybe the last one should be part of the campaign!! Have a great week!


Ciao Pietro,
In my country there's a public saying about politics: 'Politics is the art of saying lie'. Sometimes it can be good flying without wings;)
Wishing all the best in the election.
Have a happy week ahead:)

The Blonde Duck
Did you get your mountain trip?

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens
Elections, make believe democracies.It should be serious business not who has the best show machine and money to throw into the ring.
More a carnival show then anything else.
I wonder if the Italian people or whoever, votes for Bernasconi again. I can not stand him. I have no say in this, just as well!

I don't know anything about politics... but we'll be joining you soon!

Wow quite a campaign Pietro. Thanks for letting us know about the last photo, because I almost thought you go girl, lol. Anna :)

These are incredible. The graphics are so imposing. Wow.

Interesting posters of election. May be best person win.

Nice and cool shots Pietro.
We have also election fever around here.

Hi Pietro!
I like the left cute one in third picture.
It's very cute I can't understand the poster is for what.
Oh, I got it!!
You're having an election?
I laughed automatically when I see the news about your country's leader's comment.
I watched he said " bald " or something to a man.

interesting posters. so many candidates. ;-)


Oh sure candidates approaching ridiculous ...
Great idea and original shots!

Con queste bellissime immagini rischi di confondermi le idee...
Buona serata Pietro e grazie per la comunicazione :-)

sonia a. mascaro
Pietro, you had a good idea to photograph the outdoors about elections in Italy. There are only two woman in this alections?

Thanks for your nice comment on my photos.
these are so interesting to look at Pietro. I wish I could read Italian so I could understand what the one with the Bear is about.

Photo Cache
i wonder if the campaigning is all out like here in usa. must be fun times though.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: What great posters on the election. I understand when we get to Venice it will be demonstration day and the band may not be able to perform. One week until we see your country.

i was actually surprised to see at the the last poster really thinking it's an election poster. then i realized its not. it could have been very cool.

Ciao Pietro,
Rebecca? How sad me, I have not heard of this movie before. I want to search for it and rent/buy the dvd, so thanks for sharing your activity. I k"new" something from you:)
In the meantime, I am going green all day long, remember all of us Irish today:) Wishing a happy St. Patrick's Day! May good luck be with you always~

Some of those election posters are very well done.
And the last one could perfectly be one for a Left wing party I guess.
As for the major question about Left or Right, I'm not quite sure.
But I've heard polls are showing Silvio is not having good times.

:) the time for politicians to come out and pass hot air!

Tellement de choix pour des elections locales ! Je n'y connais rien sur ces partis, excepté La Ligue du Nord dont parlent souvent nos journaux. Je trouve le parti Movimento assez original et innovant dans ses affiches.
Si la jeune femme de l'affiche pour les annonceurs participait, peut être aurait elle un beau score ?! Qui sait ?
Un post bien original, Piétro.
Nous sommes aussi en période electorale pour les régions. Nos affiches parisiennes sont bien sobres et tristes par rapport à certaines des tiennes.

Hi Pietro! Probably the last one has a lot to do with the elections... ;))

Blogtrotter 2 has moved to the Cayman Islands. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro,
Thanks for your gentle answer to my question about the elections.
Have a nice week ahead!

The posters are very eye catching Pietro. We don't usually see much graphics in the way of campaign posters.
Love the young ladies expression in the last one!
Have a wonderful weekend Pietro!

Ciao Pietro, buon fine settimana.
Un cordiale saluto:-)

The campaign looks cool. :)
Anyway, may you have a peaceful election there.

Pietro buon week-end!

Ciao Pietro e buon fine settimana...
Prima o poi il sole ci sorriderà :-)

Louis la Vache
Echoing what Dina wrote, may we borrow the broom?
We need to clean Washington out. What we have now is NOT the CHANGE we had HOPEd for!

I photographed a few of these election boards in Venice. "Questa volta possiamo scegliere" - strange election slogan. ;-)

Were you pleased with the election results? The one in the UK was a total fluke!

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