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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


May 18, 2010

Last week of the Shroud Exhibition

The Holy Face in the Shroud

The side of the Cathedral and the bell tower

Pilgrims in downtown Turin (Via Roma)

Update - The pilgrims who have visited the Shroud are 2.113.128.
The bookings have been 1.793.225: 92,7% from Italy, 7,3% from abroad.

If you like to see my previous post about the Shroud, please click here

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Sylvia K
A very moving post for the day, Pietro. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Thanks for showing us all what went around the exhibiting of the shroud.
That, too, is inspiring to see.

Buongiorno Pietro, come dicevo l'altro giorno a Rirì, io che sono allergica alle file, sicuramente non riuscirei a vedere la Sindone e quindi mi accontenterei di averla vista qui da te.

Un abbraccio e buon proseguimento di settimana !

that was wonderful!

Un caro saluto a Torino:-) buon martedi:-)

The shroud is full of ystery. The shots of Turin down town & the cathedral & bell tower are superb.


Mystery was misspelt as ystery. Beg you pardon for this mistake !


Ciao Pietro, sono felice di poter vedere il Sindone:)) Grazie.
un grande abbraccio

That got me. All of this speaks to the beauty of faith. Do we have it? Thank you for this.

buona giornata Pietro.
This really is a miracle that this still exists. I am sure this must be a deeply spiritual experience for the Pilgrims as well.
Thanks for sharing this Pietro!
i like the first one, Pietro..very nice

You are so lucky to have seen the shroud yourself! It's so awe-inspiring.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. See you tomorrow!

Queste immagini...sono una fiamma verso il cielo...
Buona serata, Pietro :-)

It's a fascinating artifact!

la sindone wow! quante persone! saluti, L.

hi Pietro!
actually I'm reading a book about Jesus Christ. the book was written by a Japanese famous author.

Photo Cache
Oh I want to see this exhibit, I hope the tour stops by San Francisco some day.

Ciao Pietro,
Oh time passes so quickly, and the exhibition is over with this interesting shots taken by you. We are grateful to you:)
Greetings & best wishes~

Wonderful and interesting post Pietro. Great photos!

Louis la Vache
The shroud is very interesting. «Louis» would like to be able to see it.

«Louis» thanks you for your recent visit and for commenting on so many of his posts! Should you find a bridge to photograph, «Louis'» Sunday Bridges series publishes at 0001 hrs central Europe time each Sunday.

The answer to the question "Qu'est-ce-que-c'est?" is that the shadow was the handle of Mme la Vache's purse on the floor at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco. Halcyon of Jackson Daily Photo guessed correctly.

I didn't know that one is allowed to take pictures, incredible.

Tu as réservé la meilleure photo pour la fin......Comme cela doit être saisissant de le voir en réalité !

La perspective de la Via Roma est assez étonnante. Le bâtiment au fond, c'est une gare ?

Merci pour ta réponse Piétro. C'est la facade que je suppose faite de verre et d'acier qui m'a fait penser à une gare, mais je n'en était pas certaine.
Bon week-end de Pentecôte.

wow! this is wonderful. thanks for this special post.


Un saluto Pietro e buon week-end!

Buon fine settimana, col sole brillante:-)

Off topic:
I kept the Classic Blogger template out of worry that changing to the newer versions would cause me more problems than I have time for to solve. Somewhere in the back of my mind I have also the slight hope that the classic version ultimately serves me best, seeing how the newer ones leave you with seemingly more choices, but maybe fewer possibilities to put your own stamp on the template. Or do you think there is a disadvantage to not changing to a newer format?
Buona fine settimana,

my mother read this post and liked it. she has been wishing to see this.

sonia a. mascaro
You did an amazing post, showing us The Holy Face in the Shroud.
Great photos from the Cathedral and the pilgrims, too.

Thanks for your nice comment about my grandson Daniel. I appreciate so much your gentle words.
Have a happy weekend.

I just watched "Letters to Juliet" today, and it reminded me of how beautiful Italy is, and how I want to visit! Then I remembered you coz you're living there. Now, looking at your photos, I truly wish I could visit. Sigh.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: That was an interesting post with a great photo of the shroud.

Thank you Pietro. This is wonderful and a blessing!

How did I miss this? I'm stuck here... ;)