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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


April 8, 2010

Skiing season

There is still much snow at Bardonecchia (1312m, Susa Valley), which is crowded with skiers

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Non so sciare... però una passeggiata su quella bella neve candida la farei volentieri...

Un abbraccio Pietro e buona giornata!

Lovely photos ... looks like fun!

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Sylvia K
Terrific captures, Pietro! Reminds me of the skiing area in Montana where I raised my family. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


lovely pics..reminds me of the himalayas i visited some years back..awesome pics..would love to be there someday!!!

How fun and enjoyable. Looks refreshing.
Great captures Pietro.
I really like ice skating.
I tried mountain hiking and sliding one time during springtime in our Asian neighbor.

Enjoy your weekend.

Wonderful series, gives joy (and a pinch of

cool snow and cool fotos! if only i know how to ski.....


The Blonde Duck
I haven't been skiing in so long!

I'm usually unable to look at snow by April but your photos are especially nice. All that sun and bright colors!
p.s. I am such a fan of Glenn Gould and anything he played.

Peccato che non so notturna deve essere un sogno...
Bellissime immagini Pietro...buona serata :-)

morning Pietro!
is there snow in Turin still?
I wanna go snowboarding there right away!

Photo Cache
I'm sure the weather is wonderful, with blue skies and the sun shining, a perfect ski day.

I like the kids pix, very cute.

Oh no Pietro, it is spring and the time of all kinds of 'green':)
Lovely scenic photos, and you.. you like skiing (or vacationing and skiing there)? Have a nice weekend.

now i wish i was there. envious!

now i wish i was there. envious!

Wow! So much of snow!
These shots thrill me. :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Great photos from the slopes. You still have a lot of snow in your area. Most of the slopes in Austria were bare.

sonia a. mascaro
Great photos, Pietro!
I would love to be there seeing all those snow and the skiers people!

Ta première photo donne envie de rentrer dans la scène.....
Il faudra dire aux vacanciers qu'ils ne laissent pas trainer leurs skis commme ça...c'est dangereux ! :-)

must be so much fun!!

Great family fun in the snow.

Un saluto Pietro augurandoti un buon week-end!

Ciao gent. Pietro, buon fine settimana. Da ieri sono in compagnia di Giulia (mia sorella piccola) che è arrivata ieri...Amo Bardonecchia e sono colpita da queste fresche immagini, soprattutto i piccoli, sono belli da vedere con i loro sci, sai, ci provai anni fa, ma preferisco lo slittino ed i trasporti spericolati:-)) Curiosa come sono ho cercato di immaginarti tra la folla, ma non c'è nessuno che ti assomiglia:-)Un cordiale saluto.

Tammie Lee
the chairs make it feel like a beach scene. Wonderful to see your images.

Consolati Pietro anche qui piove...e pure a dirotto nonostante sia ...'o paese do sole....ahahah!!!

Un abbraccio e buon inizio settimana!

The Blonde Duck
You MUST try tacos!

Hi Pietro! Crowded, but still with many empty chairs for me... ;))

Blogtrotter Two is waiting for you in Turkey.... ;) Enjoy and have a great week!!

What wonderful shots!
I had to stop and think what with all the sights and smells of Spring outside my door.
Keep warm. :)

Ciao Pietro :) Lovely pics!

Ciao again Pietro,
A quick note here. As for my folded cranes, it was a random choice, I found some red and white papers in my stash, then quickly made a start with those two colors. Last day I folded some orange and yellow cranes. Sure green and blue's will be. Thanks a lot for your color inspiration:)

Wishes for a lovely week ahead to you~

The Blonde Duck
The only thing better than tacos is pie!

Ciao Pietro passo per un cordiale saluto e buon proseguimento di settimana. Oggi finalmente una bella giornata, il sole rende più allegri ed allunga la vita:-)Buona serata.

Another beautiful series of photos, but I think I am too tired from the snow and cold. I cannot wait for warmer and sunny days. :-)

Wow! Lots of snow and lots of skiers. Fun photos of everyone having fun. ;-)


Looks like lots of fun in a well-run place. Were you skiing, too, Pietro?

yes indeed!

the capture of nature...simple but beautiful!