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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


April 2, 2010

Doves of Peace

Near the old bell tower in the village of Sant'Ambrogio, in the Susa Valley, I had a nice encounter:

They seem to enjoy their lunch
Happy Easter!

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Buona Pasqua Pietro.

Domani sarò a Vercelli a dare l'ultimo saluto alla sorella della mamma. quest'anno è una triste Pasqua.

I love your doves photo. They are precious-looking.

Happy Easter!


Sylvia K
Oh, how delightful, Pietro! I love your photos of the doves! How lovely they are! Wishing you a very Happy Easter weekend! Enjoy!


E' uno spettacolo poter vedere queste colombe bianche simbolo di pace e di amore e che sia così Pietro anche la tua Pasqua serena e gioiosa.

Un abbraccio e auguri!
How beautiful! They seem to have come just in time for Easter. I hope you have a wonderful Easter Pietro.
: )

Gentile Pietro ti auguro una buona Pasqua e ti ringrazio per queste colombe bianche che fanno tenerezza ed assumono un significato che per i più si è perso: Amore, Pace, Serenità. A te un saluto con rispetto ed amicizia.

beautifully captured!!

happy easter to you and yours!!

TWO white doves of peace!
With such fancy tails.
May they always have plenty to feed on.

Pietro, thanks for your welcome addition to my today's Comments. The discussion continues. Interesting.

Buona Pasqua soon.

It's almost as if they came for Easter, Pietro!
Wish you and all your beloved ones a "Buona Pasqua"!

Fernando pannone Pessoa
Le colombe viste cosi' danno un vero senso alla Pasqua.... buon venerdi' Santo.....

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro,
Love the old tower in the village of Sant'Ambrogio. Love also these so white and beautiful pigeons with amazing tails.
Lovely photos for that Holy Day.
Happy Easter to you and to yours.
Feliz Páscoa!

Bianche, candide ed amate, meravigliose...armonia e poesia in queste bellissime immagini, grazie Pietro e buona serata :-)

Hi Pietro! Lucky guy; they were posing to you... ;)

Thanks for your support to Blogtrotter Two, now departing Miami by air; my Easter egg to you... ;). Have a great weekend!!

Hi Pietro,
Such beautiful shots of the doves with their tail feathers all spread out.
My Mom used to raise white doves many years ago.

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

These are utterly incredible. Thank you, Pietro.

Ahh they are such great shots, dear Pietro. Their skirts wonderful like queenish, I loved! So meaningful to celebrate spring cheer, Buona Pasqua.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens
Hi Pietro, They are such pretty birds and their soft call is very peaceful. One can never have enough of good omens! HappyEaster to you too.

They're so pretty!

What an amazing sight! And they seem to belong in this peaceful setting. . .not too bothered by your lens either. Such beautiful creatures.
Happy Easter to you too!
p.s. Did you celebrate Bach's birthday a couple of weeks ago?

Blessed Easter :)

Fernando pannone Pessoa
buona Pasqua Pietro

Pietro... Buona Pasqua!!!

Hi Pietro!
Happy Easter!
In Italy birds also eat pasta for lunch? lol :)
I haven't seen these white birds!
They look like a kind of pigeon.

Those are amazing and wonderful Pietro.
A Joyful and Blessed Easter.

Louis la Vache
Very appropriate for Easter!

Mme la Vache loves birds, so she especially enjoyed these images, Pietro!

Mme la Vache et «Louis» wish you a blessed Easter.

Unseen India Tours
Fantastic post with beautiful shots !! Lovely and very neatly captured !! Great post !!Unseen Rajasthan

Short Poems
Really beautiful shots :)

Enjoy this beautiful Easter time :D

Marinela x

truly a great symbol for peace but it also represents freedom. happy easter!

The Blonde Duck
I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Photo Cache
Hoped you had a great Easter. These are different kinds of doves?

Beautiful shots. The doves look magnificent.. They are really smybol of peace.

Ciao Pietro, per la prima volta dopo anni non ho cucinato agnello,capretto ecc. è stata una Pasqua quasi vegetariana...ognuno dà un significato diverso a certi giorni, ci accomuna la voglia di pace e giustizia...di serenità e comprensione e le tue foto rendono bene questa idea che non deve essere utopica.
Buon martedi Pietro.

nice idea and concept!

photo in a work of art!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: How cool, wish I had seen a few when I visited.

The Blonde Duck
I had a great Easter! I hope you have fun on the mountains!

Hi Pietro! Hope you had a nice Easter!

Blogtrotter Two is having a MED break. Enjoy and have a great week!!

How beautiful they are! But are they free birds, do they live in the wild?

p.s. I have a birding blog, please click my name and visit if you are interested in birds dear Pietro.

Un saluto Pietro e buona giornata!

Rieccomi a visitare le tue immagini...riflettono di luce.
Buona giornata Pietro :-)

it's not fair... how come it's sunny in there and still gloomy in here?

Beautiful, the sturdy tower and the elegant white doves! How can they be so white, does the Pastor wash them?

ciao Pietro, buona giornata.

Bellissime colombe!
I don't remember ever seeing white ones.

Una serie bellissima!

Deux colombes de la Paix pour Pâques, c'est merveilleux.
Pas farouches !

Fernando pannone Pessoa
Ogni volta che entro nel tuo blog sembra di vivere cio' che hai fotografato....ciao da Fernando.

Hi Pietro, I am sorry I haven't been around for a while. I hope you had a wonderful Easter time. These series of photos is wonderful. These doves are just adorable.

They are charming :D

Beautiful fan-tailed pigeons! It's so nice to see them.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!