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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


July 31, 2008

Sky Watch 1/8/2008

In these hot summer days, a refreshing photo taken in March from the 1310m of Bardonecchia, a renowned ski resort in the Alta (Upper) Val di Susa, about 90km from Turin.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Quite a beautiful mountain sky, love your music and it fit well.

The snow looks inviting right now! Beautiful!

That cloud is just rolling over and totally enveloping the mountain, Pietro. A lovely image ...

Great photo. It is hot enough here today that I would love to go roll around in the snow. Thanks for a refreshing image.

Rambling Woods
First visit! Beautiful blog and we will be getting snow soon enough here..Rambling Woods

Hi Pietro
This is a charming view and if our weather had been hot it would have been more than perfect.. but alass we have rain... :O)

Texas Travelers
Fantastic scene and photograph.
Well done.
I loved it.

Thanks for the visit,

Pat - Arkansas
Lovely Sky Watch. We could use a bit of "cool" right now.

irish daisies
great shot! love the clouds

Torsdag 1952
Clouds covering the mountains and snow, and blue sky, realy refreshing

Thank you Pietro

nice pic have great weekend

What a great sky. I'd love to take a run down those mountains.

Yes indeed. It is a nice change to see a snowy and cool photograph on a hot summer's day! You have captured the essence very well! What a splendid picture. We still have a little bit snow up on the high spots of the mountains and if I travel high enough, I will still come across the snow but I just don't have the time to go quite that high yet. But our summer's our short here and soon the heat will stop and next thing I will soon complain about is it is too cold and we have sooo much snow!! =)
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Kahshe Cottager
Ohhhhh ... how magnificent the sky looks here!

Have a wonderful weekend of beautiful skies!
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Country Girl
Just what I needed on this hot, humid day on the East Coast. A perfect image, thank you!

Lori is nice to see those cool mountains. It's humid and hot in Kansas and after the day I had today, this is just what I needed to freshen things up! Beautiful.

Jane Hards Photography
So crisp and clear, lovely image.

nina at Nature Remains.
Yes, cool shots help us thru the summer heat!

Nina at Nature Remains

To have such a view would be fantastic! Wonderful photo!

The clouds looked like snow! Great shot!

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Thanks! Happy Friday!

Gorgeous photo. I like the fountain in the post below this too. This is a wonderful shot.

Your spectacular world amazes me. Thanks for this view.

Fish Whisperer
Great alpine shot. Make me want to go skiing.

Beautiful picture! Those mountains are so pretty!

refreshing photo indeed. definitely a postcard moment.

it warmed me-up in this rainy day. have a nice day pietro.

That is spectacular! Would love to go there now - but this was taken in March.

Yes, the sculpture is in the city centre.

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Perfect! Very nice, chilly picture!

I love the clouds rolling over the mountain, and the bright white.

mmmmmmm! your photo makes me feel nice and cool on this hot steamy day! Great shot. Thanks for dropping by my site.

Louis la Vache
"Louis" likes the way the clouds fade into the mountain top and vice-versa. Fine image, Pietro!

"Louis" thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

Snow looks so beautiful. But sitting here in the middle of our very warm winter, I think I'd rather be here.

Lovely photo.
this is a beautiful scene!

Great shot! Both relaxing and very dramatic that scene.

Debbie@Like a Rose
I'm feeling cooler already! Thanks for visiting me.

wonderful sky!!!great shots

Yes, it is very hot here, too, and that looks wonderful! So refreshing! :)

Beautiful! Mine is up as well. Hope to see you there! Have a great weekend!


Wow gorgeous mountain...and sky!
Great capture for sky~watch!~The snow looks quite nice now!
Enjoy the weekend!
And, Happy sky~watching! ;)

Very lovely scene. Looks as though it could be a painting. Very beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking time to leave a comment. I truly appreciate it.

Absolutely breathtaking!

It really is refreshing photo on these hot days but it is also really beautiful. I like this composition of green line of firs with white range of mountain peaks covered with white snow and then all wrapped in white clouds while the blue sky watching this beautiful scene attentively.

Back for another dose of cool air, Pietro! Thanks.

Marie Reed
The digital effects are shockingly appealing!

Beautiful contrast of colour.

Oh my goodness! That is breathtaking! Love it! Thanks for visiting mine also.

That is a refreshing skywatch from. Beautiful.

Gerald (Ackworth born)
I almost didn't see those mountains as they disappear into the clouds.

amazing how the cloud covers the mountains. i really really like scenes like that.

so refreshing, indeed! mountains are a perfect retreat these days!

Really refreshing, great shot and very professional )))) Love your blog

so nice wow are you a paintor?

wonderful photo.