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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


May 10, 2015

Moonset at daybreak

The Moon and the Rocciamelone (Piedmont, Italy, 3538 m.)

Nowadays the summit of Rocciamelone is popular with hikers and pilgrims particularly adventurous, especially on the feast of Our Lady of the Snow, which takes place every year on August 5th. The summit is almost "crowded": there are Europe's highest sanctuary, dedicated to Our Lady of Rocciamelone, and a bronze statue of the Blessed Virgin, built in 1899.

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Crafty Green Poet
wow - amazing photos!

i only saw 3 photos load but i think there were 3 more that wouldn't come through for me. however, what i saw was magical. :)

sonia a. mascaro
The Moon and the Rocciamelone is really wonderful Pietro!
Like Tex, I only saw 3 pictures...but they all are gorgeous!
Have a happy Sunday!

Spectacular shots. Each one of them outdoes the other.

Photo Cache
Stunning moon shots. How incredible!!!!

Glorious!! Loved the 1st pic the best!

Excellent photos !!

Oh wow, lovely captures of the moon. It is beautiful over the mountain tops.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

Foto stupende, un manifesto autentico della bellezza d'Italia!

sonia a. mascaro
Wow! Just stunning, gorgeous photos!
Thanks Pietro and Cynthia for let me know about the three missing photos that now are ok. :)

Wow - those shots are stunning!

These are glorious!

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ALOHA from Honolulu,

John's Island
Hi Pietro, Wow, these photos are great! There is something very special about the moon setting while the sun is rising. You captured that feeling ... wonderful!

Stunning series of images Pietro, I enjoyed the moon's journey very much :)

Magnificent shots!

Excellent shots!
I like the mountains and that big moon !

Spectacular photos!

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Marina Filgueira
¡Hola Pietro!!!

Son de una impresionante belleza éstas fotos: Que me parecen pinturas... sácame de dudas. Nunca he visto algo tan hermoso, el sol surcando el cielo y cayendo tras esa preciosas montañas. Mi enhorabuena y mi felicitación.

Te dejo un beso y toda mi estima.
Se muy muy feliz.

EG CameraGirl
So beautiful, all of them!

Traveling Rockhopper

SUPERB and artistic images!

That is stunning! I was in your lovely country 2 weeks ago.Not sure when i can blog about it!

Nature's grandest show! So glad you were taking pictures.
Interesting about the pilgrimage to the high place.

Geoff Wilkinson
This is a fabulous set of pictures....

I like the gradual change in color.
Very well taken.