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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


October 27, 2011

At the entrance of the motorway

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Sylvia K
What fun, delightful and color captures for the day, Pietro! And what a lovely way to start my day! Hope all is going well with you!


What a pretty scarecrow.
I'm glad to see all it dry and clean and tidy around you.
So sad to see the flooding in Italy.

Viva Italia!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

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E' troppo bello lo spaventapasseri Pietro, hai colto delle immagini straordinarie, un saluto da Torino:-)
Buon fine settimana.

Spettacolare lo spaventapasseri Pietro, direi quasi "chic"...

Un abbraccio e buon week-end!

M. Reka
What a lovely and interesting photos, Pietro! Amazing captures as always! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Take care

Delightful post! That's the tallest scarecrow I've ever seen. Really like the last photo's colors. Looks like you're having lovely weather too!
Happy weekend, Pietro.

Le tue foto variopinte mi trasmettono allegria e sorriso. Amo gli spaventapasseri:))Peccato che ce ne si vedano poche ma loro ti ritrovano!
Un caro saluto e baci

Those colors are vibrant, alive. Beautiful post.

Wow! Great captures.

Photo Cache
this european version of the scarecrow is not nearly as scary as the american version.

how have you been? happy autumn.

Un saluto Pietro e buona settimana!

lovely photos, as usual. if i were a bird, i'd stay away from that scarecrow, too. :-D

The Blonde Duck
Happy Halloween!

Ciao Pietro, buon tutti i Santi:-)e buon lunes:-)

Hi Pietro! Sorry for the absence, but these last two months have been rather nasty! My mother (90) was in hospital for more than three weeks and the post-surgery was hard! My father (94) seemed to be an orphan while my mother was out and felt into some kind of depression... The economy is a disaster and the media only bring bad news... The € Euro is rescued every day, only to be known that it needs to be rescued again and again next morning... What else? Well, maybe «Midnight in Paris»... The problem is that the Gil there is a different one... ;)

Amazing shots!!

Blogtrotter Two wanders currently around pre-historical Corsica, where it seems all this will be leading to... ;) Enjoy and have a wonderful week ahead!

sonia a. mascaro
Just amazing scarecrow!
Great photos, Pietro.

Have a nice week ahead.

I got scared for a second, lol.
Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

Love the scarecrow:) great photos!

Wonderful shots. Very well built and funny scarecrow.

i would love to see the scarecrow move. nice for the halloween.

Ciao Pietro:-) Ieri è stata una giornata ricca, la S.Messa, il compleanno del mio 3°ed unico marito;-) e tanta allegria con il piccolo Zucchero e la mamma:-) Ti auguro un buon mercoledì, anche se grigio fuori..adesso scendo e faccio 4 chiacchiere con gli amici dei cani:-)

Buona serata Pietro, forti gli spaventapasseri, mi fermo poco, vedo che qualcuno parla per due;-)

These pictures are gorgeous! I love the colors.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

That scarecrow is magnificent, as are all these images.

Ciao Pietro, ti auguro un bel fine settimana, anche se piove, sai questo tempo invoglia a stare in casa a fare 4 chiacchiere con gli amici:-) Un cordiale saluto

sonia a. mascaro
Just stopping by to wishing you a good Sunday!
Many hugs!

Love the scarecrow!