Pietro Brosio Gallery: The hypnotist
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Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.

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July 22, 2010

The hypnotist


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Sylvia K
That is terrific, Pietro! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


I love the colours, but I'm not sure about his eyes.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Effettivamente qualcosa di ipnotico c'è in questa tua improvvisazione.

Un saluto Pietro e buon week-end!

Direi che incute timore, ma forse è proprio questo il suo ruolo, far sì che emerga l'altro/a..direi inquietante, ma magnifico, se un dipinto lascia una traccia forte (anche a chi è incompetente come me) vuol dire che ha centrato il bersaglio.
Buon venerdì

Ciao Pietro, buon weekend,
io con mamma cani e teo2 riparto per una settimana ad Ala di Stura.

Hi Pietro! Amazing!! Love the Munch like feeling... ;)

Blogtrotter Two has gone deeply in Sardinia... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Very striking!!

That is so super. I wonder where his mind is! I love your artwork, Pietro.

sonia a. mascaro
Amazing, Pietro!
Really, very hypnotic.

Have a nice weekend.

Una smorfia Pietro o allucinazione questa meravigliosa immagine?
Un buon fine settimana fresco :-)

great work! i wonder if i use 3d glasses, how it will look like.

Un saluto Pietro e buon Week-end!

Pietro that's a very nice painting. You are a very gifted man.
I like the smoothness of the colours that make the contrast.

dramatic type of comtemporary arts!

very nice!

Wow fantastic image.
Have a great day Pietro

Buona domenica da una Torino sorridente e limpida con tutto il suo splendore :-)


it works..i'm feeling a little dizzy now!

Ciao Pietro,
mi sento ipnotizzata guardando negli occhi di questa persona:)) ahahah. Mi porti il sorriso d'estate.
Baci e buona nuova settimana

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: That is a very unusual painting you have drawn.

Buon inizio settimana Pietro!

This is wild Pietro!
So very well done, thank you for sharing.

Interesting and full of great color and lines. Its always nice to see what you've been working on.
Happy week, Pietro!

Photo Cache
Is this your work? Fabulous! So much talent. Love this.

Ciao Pietro, oggi posterò una ricetta solo per gli amici vegetariani:-) Buona giornata.

Wo, I'm afraid to look into his eyes for very long.

Pietro, you asked about the cause of the forest fire.
A class of teenage yeshiva boys were down in our valley, at the spring. A few boys "played with fire," and when it suddenly got out of control they all panicked and ran away. As I understand it, they did not bother to inform the Fire Department.
The boys were found, arrested, questioned, and are out on bail.
Their teacher, who was with them on the field trip, was also questioned.

Louis la Vache
Are you sure that this isn't a painting of «Louis'» former father-in-law? There is a striking similarity to him...

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens
Pietro, a perfect painting of the Hypnotist. I guess people who are under his influence might see him like this. I love this painting, lets me think and smile.

I AM hypnotized! ;-) Mesmerizing art work.


This face made me smile. :-)