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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


June 28, 2010

White and green

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E' un bell'inizio settimana questo regalo che fai ai tuoi lettori:-) I fiori bianchi sono bellissimi, sei un'artista anche quando fotografi, pensa che io taglio sempre un pezzo del soggetto..e così quando riprendo i ragazzi monelli ai giardini mi vengono senza testa:-))
Buon lunedi:-)

ot. non ci credo che fossi all'oscuro della caduta del farò;-)

Marina Filgueira
Hola Pietro:
No encuentro palabras adecuadas, para expresar la belleza que tienen tus cuadros. Es un gran placer pasar por este rincón de ensueño. Felicidades. Y besitos.

Foto stupende ... la natura ci regala sempre degli spettacoli magnifici...e tu con i tuoi click ne sai catturare tutta la bellezza...
Un abbraccio e buona settimana Pietro!

Wow Pietro these are pure and pretty blooms.
Have a great week.

wow! another set of beautiful flowers. this set proves that it's the colors that matters, the flower itself are beautiful.

Le blanc dans toute sa pureté.
Des fleurs pour un baptème.....
La neige d'été pour maintenir la fraicheur.....

Oh my god, what an art with no man creation. What's the names of these arts, pardon me! Flowers?

Pleased very much to get your comment, Pietro. You're always welcome to ask if you think I could help you. Well...

One of the first thing is to learn the concept of stroke order. The one and only correct way of writing "kanji" characters is behind it as well as the main rules.

They are both of them: the Chinese characters (or letters) and their Japanese deviations, called as Kanji. Some of them combines often incredible amount of strokes involved, some very easy. For example; look at below little pictures w/out reading my explanation, and think by yourself 'what do you see?':

雨 -> ame (rain); 8-strokes; can you see the little drops on a window in this character?
川 -> kawa (river); 3-strokes; doesn't it look like branches of a river?

Those are the easiest examples about Japanese calligraphy, as we call 書道 (Shodō); really an art, I love it:) Should I change my blog into Japanese;) Maybe oneday I can publish a post with my (japanese handwriting)..

Did you know Shodō was practiced for centuries in Japan! You may not believe it at first, but if you try writing the same kanji with different stroke orders with your handwriting, then you’ll see the difference:)

Actually there's more and more to tell about japanese but its not the right place here, blog to blog. Yes, I use a special keyboard. I'd advise you:

I think you can install japanese into your pc. Wondering if you have ever studied japanese? Hope it may helpful for you, anytime when ever you wanna ask something do not hesitate to ask me.

Have a very nice week~

Beautiful blossoms, Pietro. These flowers open up like little fireworks displays celebrating the beauty of life.

Auguri di Buon Onomastico Pietro... un abbraccio!
You have found such exquisite beauty in these blossoms Pietro!

Mi unisco all'amica comune Gabry nel mandarti i migliori auguri di buon onomastico..peccato che non sei un vicino di casa, altrimenti avresti dovuto portarmi cioccolato e savoiardi, come da tradizione napoletana che ho tramandato ai vicini torinesi:-))

Auguri Pietro!!!

Un pò in ritardo ma ci sono :-) tanti auguri di buon onomastico e festeggialo alla grande :-)

Marina Filgueira
Vuelvo- a saludarte y contemplar esta maravilla de la naturaleza humana. Un besito- se feliz.

sonia a. mascaro
Gorgeous flowers, Pietro!
You took great photos!

I wish you a nice week ahead.

delicately beautiful...
lovely compositions

oh, how i love your flower photos. looking at them make me happy and smile. thank you.


Bonsoir et bien de la douceur dans ces fleurs
de tres belles photo cela est certain.
Les fleurs du bonheur donc un grand merci et sourtout bravo

Short Poems
Hi Pietro, these are really beautiful. Have a great week.
Marinela x

I like the second picture. White, depicts purity.

Buon Luglio Pietro... appena hai un attimo di tempo vieni a rilassarti nella mia oasi... un abbraccio!

Ciao Pietro, buon giovedi..è un giorno che mi piace:-)
Per quanto mi hai chiesto la risposta è si...un'usanza che risale al medioevo:-)) solo che gli ingredienti erano diversi..scherzi a parte se hai un attimo e vai sul sito: vongole napulitane troverai una spiegazione esauriente:-) Buon luglio.

Je viens ce matin pour te souhaiter une
tres belle journée

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Very pretty blooms to brighten my morning. The second looks like a berry bloom.

Ciao Pietro,
scusami che ti auguro buon onomastico solo ora:))ma lo faccio di tutto il cuore.
Le tue foto sono sempre stupende come anche i fiori lucenti bianchi che ci hai immortalato. Vorrei tanto avere i tuoi occhi da artista -fotografo.
Ti mando una bella serata e baci

Je viens aussi te dire bonsoir j'espére que ta journée était belle et pas aussi chaude qu'ici. pas d'air alors j'essaye de passer à l'ombre

BONNE soirée

Buon week-end Pietro!

இڿڰۣ FLO
superbes ces photos j'adore oui

A lovely study in white!

இڿڰۣ FLO
merci de ta visite bonne soirée

buon wee-kend Pietro.

Sylvia K
What gorgeous blossoms, Pietro! Such gorgeous photos! I'm late getting here, but what a delight! You've certainly made my evening! Have a wonderful weekend!


Pure and beautiful :)

Such beautiful flowers. We have something very similar, if not the same, here in Norwich. I like their daintiness.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. Here's to a great week ahead!

Louis la Vache
Poetic floral images, Pietro.

Lovely!! Even for a blue lover... ;)

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens
Perfect summer! Friends, the first one is the beautiful double Deutzia. The second the lovely Spirea.