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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


May 24, 2010

Symphony in white and pink

Kalmia, Kalmiella; common name: Mountain Laurel

Thanks to my blogger friends Sandy Carlson and Titania who, in their nice comments, tell me the name of this plant.

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Sylvia K
Oh, Pietro! Your photos are fantastic and have really taken my breath away! The colors and the flowers are exquisite and you've captured them sooooo perfectly! Thank you for sharing the beauty! And, oh, yes! A symphony indeed! Have a wonderful week!


A truly magnificent symphony, full of beauty and harmony!
Thanks for sharing!

Una sinfonia veramente spettacolare Pietro, questi fiori sono supendi per colore e forma, immagino anche per il profumo... quale è il loro nome?

Un abbraccio Pietro e buon inizio settimana!

Hai superato te stesso Pietro!!Questi fiori sono bellissimi, sembrano parlare...un caro saluto e buon inizio settimana.

Stunning and unusual blooms!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Beautiful captures of a neat flower, so nicely shown in pink and red.

sweetest, beautiful flowers ever! What are they called?

The Blonde Duck
What are those? They're gorgeous!

I love them! They look so sweet. And the ones that are open look so dainty.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Have a great week!

Mountain Laurel! You have taken the finest photos of this beauty that I have ever seen. Thank you.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens
Hi Pietro; Your delightful pictures do these delicate looking flowers fully justice. The plants name:
Kalmia, syn.Kalmiella; common name Mountain Laurel. They are poisonous to all stock, sometimes they were called "Lambkill". They enjoy the same growing conditions as Rhododendrons.
This is a wonderful shrub and I wish I could grow it. Enjoy a great week. T.

it looks so unreal. but we cant underestimate nature. it best displays art in a natural form.

all so pretty!

The most beautiful symphony of my morning now. Superb views, Pietro. Let me continue listening...

This really is a symphony in white and pink! These flowers are absolutely gorgeous and stunning and your photos wonderful.

Hi Pietro!
I haven't seen the flower.
it's very cute!
and I think the blossom buds look like chocolate:)
here it is!
it's japanese choco sweets!

Do you agree with me?:)

sonia a. mascaro
Breathtaking photos of gorgeous flowers, Pietro! Mountain Laurel is very, very beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a beauty.
Have a nice week ahead.

Wow Pietro. These are very sweet looking and gorgeous blooms! Wonderful captures.
Thank you for sharing.
I love the name!

Grazie Pietro per l'informazione ho fatto una piccola ricerca sul web e ho visto che oltre al rosa questa pianta, che poi diventa quasi un'albero, ha i petali anche con disegni e colori diversi...

Un saluto Pietro e buona giornata!

Chez nous, nous appelons cela "les couleurs tendres" ! Cela veut tout dire...Des fleurs qui expriment toute leur douceur.

Meraviglosi fiori!
Great close-up, the intricate design of a single blossom is amazing, closed and opened.

Photo Cache
Symphony is the right term. How glorious are these shots. Let us know the name of this flower when you find out.

Hi Pietro! Your photos are really AMAZING, thank you for sharing with us! Great job :)
Hags Marinela

Ciao Pietro,
grazie per questi fiori brillanti e speciali. Non ho mai visto dei fiori favolosi simili. Li voglio:))!!!!!
Ti invio cari saluti e baci

Splendido...omaggio floreale...
Buon fine settimana, Pietro :-)

Hi Pietro!
thank you for being nice to me always:)
I appreciate it very much:)
Thank you Pietro!
have a wonderful weekend:)

Another great set!!

Beautiful! By the leaves it looks like a plant my parents had in their garden, but i do not remember seeing that bloom and certainly not like this!

Louis la Vache
Pietro, regarding «Louis'» Memorial Day post, Marvin is in his 90s now! He's slowed quite a bit physically, but his mind is razor-sharp. His knowledge of how all the systems work on those WWII-era subs is phenomenal.
Marvin is a national treasure. Admiral Nimitz is buried next to his wife and three other admirals who served with him in the Pacific and their wives. They could have been buried at Arlington National Cemetery, but wanted to be buried with the 'rank and file' in common graves at San Bruno.

Regarding Louis' Sunday Bridge post, he's just ordered a new 18-200 zoom, so he'll be able to pull in more detail such as those lights.

Oh, what beauty you captured on these photos! Stunning beauty as well as photos!