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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


November 23, 2009

Monte dei Cappuccini in the fog

A climb of 15 minutes from Turin leads up to the Monte dei Cappuccini (240m) and the church of Santa Maria del Monte. Built in 1584 to a design by the architect Ascanio Vitozzi, the church adjoins a still-working Capuchin convent.

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Buongiorno Pietro, la prima foto che hai postato mi piace particolarmente perchè i contrasti, anche se velati dalla nebbia sono bellissimi, sotto gli alberi con i colori autunnali mentre sopra svetta, quasi in bianco e nero, il convento.

Un abbraccio Pietro e buona settimana!

Ciao Pietro, buon inizio settimana.
Mi piace la seconda foto perchè la nebbia rende tutto più magico..tanto poi si dirada:-)

So big! There must have been many more Capuchin religious in the 16th century.
Unusual and beautiful shape to the tower. Your fog gives added mystery.
Can visitors go inside? I'd love to.

buongiorno Pietro.

Beautifully misty autumnal shot :)

Oh wow, such a magical misty shot indeed. I just love it when the fog rolls in and shrouds the world in its hazy coat... it's such a soothing feeling.
I hope you are well...

Ah ok, you are also under a thick fog these days in Italy! Santa Maria del Monte looks certainly mysterious under the fog but how about the airports? Here in Istanbul the airport traffic has completely stopped because of the fog!

I write this message as a desperate passenger who has waited hours for her flight,


Hi Pietro!
If I could go to Italy in few hours, I visited your city.
There are lots of nature, beautiful churchs and busy downtown in your city.
Probably I can enjoy jogging and shopping:)

Believe or not Pietro, nowadays we have under a very gray fog like this one. It should be an Istanbul in particular.. I can't say I'm liking the fog.
Have a nice evening~

The Blonde Duck
The fog is so cool and Gothic a fairy tale...

Lovely to see this in autumn. I have only been in Turin once, in April, when the trees were breaking into leaf. It was so beautiful that my whole family wants to return.

We also have lots of fog especially in the mornings and nights. I don’t love fog at all. It looks like your photos were taken through the curtain.

The fog in the mountain gives a surreal aspect to the building. Great view!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: I love the mystic look the fog gives to this wonderful church. A place for the ages.

Hi Pietro!
I've been to Italy twice.
I went around various cities in tours when it was my first time to Italy.
and when I went to Italy for the second times, I went to only three cities, Roma, Firenze and Venezia.
I really enjoyed spending time there.
I wanna participate in the race in Firenze. but probably it's not easy to run there.
there are a lot of bumpy road because of tiles.
I should enjoye seeing arts in museum in Firenze:) not to run there probably.
Have a lovely week, Pietro:)

Great fog shots, Pietro. Fog is always so captivating.

Shalom Pietro. I found a sundial for you!

The Blonde Duck
I know you were. :) And I appreciate it!

sonia a. mascaro
Fantastic pictures, Pietro! Very beautiful the church of Santa Maria del Monte seeing in the mist.
Have a nice day!

I love this fog that gently wraps everything ...

Marie Reed
Hi Pietro! It's so nice to reconnect and visit your blog. I really don't blog much anymore:) I have a new and stressful job that just zaps me! It's nice to travel to ITALY again through your site!

The photos on your blog are wonderful we've been to Sicily, Venice, and San Remo years ago hope I spelled it right and when in Sicily a few years ago we decided we'd be back to more of Italy soon..just love it.

Great blog.

Dorothy from grammology

the foggy effect of the area makes it look haunted but beautiful!

That is a dreamy and wonderful place. These misty views are poetic.

ciao Pietro, la donna strana di gesso ,che vedi nella foto, si trova sopra una porta finestra di una vecchia casa di Ala di Stura.
ti auguro buona giornata ,sl nebbia qui in collina persiste.

Bellissima immagine Pietro...quella nebbia si scioglierà al canto di un pettirosso ?
Buona giornata :-)

SO lovely--like looking through a gossimer scarf. I'm always impressed by the beautiful buildings sitting so high up on hills there. [My family was Calibriase and from what pics I've seen it seems less lush and green?]

How long did it take for the cloister to rise above the fog? Or did the fog rise ... ;-)

In Austria, a monk is the last thing one thinks of when hearing cappuccino: It's either coffee or a wine-soaked cake.

Foggy and beautiful.