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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


November 18, 2009

Flowery meadows

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Ah, so nice when the meadows are decorated with flowers.
Now, after the first rains, the first flowers are popping up here in the Jerusalem Hills.

beautiful colours! power to the nature!

Hi Pietro! Another wonderful set! Love the wild flowers...

Blogtrotter is firmly back to an amazing building... ;)). Enjoy and have a great week!

sonia a. mascaro
Pietro, loved these photos! The delicate flowers has beautiful colorr. I wish I could be there, running at the meadow...

Have a nice day!

Hi Pietro!
Thank you for many beautiful pictures.
They made me bright:)
I wish I had such a beutiful garden at my house!!
Recently it's getting cold day by day in Tokyo.
How about Italy?
Time flies every day.
I can't believe this year is almost over.

so lovely..

La natura in qualsiasi stagione ci regala sempre degli spettacoli colorati estupendi pur nella loro semplicità!

Un saluto Pietro e buona serata.

I love all the photos; they are all so beautiful and colorful. But the second one is my favorite with the white mountain peaks peeping behind the wild flowers.

These meadows are so very beautiful. It would be nice to lie down and enjoy those flowers face to face.

A lovely reminder of summer! Thank you :)

flowers are blooming! here im excited of the cooler weather.

Hello Pietro!
Thank you for telling me about my questions!
I didn't think it's warm in Italy still now!
In tokyo it was really cold today.

Have a beautiful weekend:)

Oh Pietro, what did I buy recently? A vintage dress. Yes my new favorite vintage dress looks like a (colorful) flowery meadow alike your photos:)
Have a very nice evening&all of my best wishes~

ciao Pietro,oggi sono stata ad Ala di Stura, una giornata bellissima soleggiata e tiepida, ho visto che sulla chiesa anno dipinto una meridiana, l'ho fotografata e presto la metto sul blog
ciao buona serata

Ciao Pietro, fai semre sognare, questi colori mettono allegria:-)
Per il libro: l'ho iniziato, è un spasso:-)
Buon fine settimana e grazie.

ciao Pietro, ho postato la meridiana,
buon venerdi anche a te

Hi Pietro. I like the one where you can see the alps in the background. Very pretty.

Buon weekend Pietro qui da noi è ritornata la primavera spero che anche li da te sia così, in modo che tu possa goderti la natura su in montagna con una giornata stupenda!!!

Un abbraccio!

ciao ,buon weekend

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Pietro: Your wildflower display is just beautiful. Your hills are alive with the blooming flowers.

Bellissima serie: la seconda foto in particolare mi piace moltissimo!

ciao Pietro, anchio abitualmente non bevo vino, ma ero ad Ala che pranzavo alla trattoria "maronero" e davanti a me un tavolo colmo di bottiglie, e cosi le ho fotografate.
ti auguro buona domenica

Beautiful series in the meadow! I especially like the vantage points. Wildflowers amaze me with how delicate they appear but are really hardy and steadfast.

Bellissime immagini di fiori resistenti...forse
Buona sera, Pietro :-)

Lovely decorated meadows!

Lovely, lovely flowers.