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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


October 5, 2009

Perspectives 6

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It's nice they used blue cranes so you could get this beautiful shot of them against the blue sky!
Great capture Pietro!

Le gru e il grattacielo .....tutti sembrano voler sfiorare il cielo....

Un saluto Pietro e buon lunedì!

Very special picture with a beautiful sky, but I didn't want to sit up there !

Impressive aspect!

These objects seem so delicate and light in this beautiful sky. I feel like a bird as I study this photo!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: What a neat look at the cranes in the sky overhead.

Hi Pietro!
In Tokyo many buildings are under construction.
Most buildings are way too high.
I wanna value old houses and buildings like Italy though.

wow..that's a nice pict..

azzuri ;)

Quasi una sfida al cielo: splendido scatto!

Hi Pietro! Profiting from today’s holiday – the 99th anniversary of the Republic in Portugal - I’m happy to have some more time to surf the net and enjoy your blog!
Wonderful shot! Great framing, light, composition!!

Blogtrotter is showing you Antalya. Enjoy and have a great week!

The Blonde Duck
That would be terrifying up there!

Ciao Pietro, buona giornata. E' una foto che fa andare in alto:-) Bella! Le gru per me hanno un fascino speciale, ma non amo i grattacieli, deturpano il paesaggio...L'ideale sarebbe tante casette massimo a 2 piani, dove tutti si conoscono e dall'alto è bello da vedersi:-) Pura utopia.

ciao Pietro, non sono andata alle maldive.... sono presa dal corso di fotografia, che e abbastanza impegnativo,
buona giornata.

sonia a. mascaro
Amazing picture Pietro!
Where are you when you took these cranes's pics?
Nice blue sky too!

Have a nice week ahead!

What color should we paint these cranes? Why blue, of course.

Nice blue cranes and sky.
Great captures Pietro!
I hope this is progress you are happy with Pietro!
The sky and cranes are a lovely blue.

Beautiful perspective and interesting photo, Pietro. I like blue cranes and blue sky peeping behind the white clouds.

lovely perspective of blending blues!

sonia a. mascaro
Thank you Pietro, for the information. It's an amazing picture!

Have a nice day!

The Blonde Duck
'Tocks are quite universal.

nice shot. not the usual one could expect to show on buildings.

Cool! Beautiful cranes. I've never seen blue and white ones.

One can see a ladder to climb right in the clouds.
Pzefzcr color to find harmony in the sky.

Living in a world where everything seems like a construction makes me think next to possible:)
Absolutely I like this photo, Pietro.