Pietro Brosio Gallery: Sundial 5
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Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.

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September 29, 2009

Sundial 5

Sundial in the village of Foresto (Susa Valley, Piedmont)

Flowered window

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che bella composizione!

Beautiful. I love the curves in the sundial :)

lovely pictures..

The sundial is beautiful and interesting; both its color and decoration. And the window looks just lovely. Both photos are great!

Fascinating sundial. The painting is wonderfully composed, Pietro.

Hi Pietro!
I like the first picture.
I wanna print it and glue it in my notebook.
Actually I glued some your comments on my blog in my notebook.
I wanna read it when I feel down.

oh veal sounds better ;)
I love the sundial. it's so beautiful!

The Blonde Duck
It took me forever to figure out the flowers were painted!

Bellissima questa meridiana Pietro e che bei colori e poi quel pensiero è stupendo... segno solo ore serene...
quelle che auguro a te per il resto di questa settimana!

Un saluto!

sonia a. mascaro
The Sundial is amazing and the flowered window is just gorgeous! Thanks, Pietro!

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Wonderful. I love the flowers under they window always blooming! And that sundial is gorgeous.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: That certainly is beautiful art on the side of the building.

Con queste immagini...ci doni la "primavera". Buon pomeriggio!

sonia a. mascaro
Pietro, thanks so much for your kind words on my 4th blog anniversary!
Have a nice week ahead :-)

Ed anche settembre è volato via ... da oggi ci apprestiamo a vivere questo ottobre sperando che sia all'insegna della creatività e dello spirito di solidarietà, della serenità e della gioia di vivere.

Un abbraccio Pietro!

Ciao Pietro, buon ottobre, uno dei miei mesi preferiti:-)..la meridiana mi ha sempre affascinato..poi se segna solo ore serene è un incanto, della finestra amo le tendine che nascondono ma arredano:-) I miei complimenti sinceri.

What a cosy window ! and the sundial !! very beautiful !

Beautiful images. Great post Pietro.

The Blonde Duck
Don't worry--the scary story doesn't get as scary soon!

Beautiful sundial and flower painting! such exquisite work that can be truly appreciated throughout the year.

ciao Pietro, buon ottobre

Oh yes, one more gorgeous work Pietro. Fabulous colors plus fascinating scientific instrument that it's as accompanied with astrology. I'm keen on astrology science, so I find this work such a connection to the universe.

The second is lovely. For someone who can't grow flowers might steal this idea, and turn out the frontiers like a mini garden as you did. Great composition!

As third, my wishes on the way 'hope you have a nice weekend as you deserve':)

Love the colors in the sundial!!
The flowers under the window I adore!!! It would be nice to blooms all year long. :)

Carletta’s Captures.

starkly beautiful!

WOw è proprio un bel vedere entrambe!

Sereno fine settimana Pietro!

Ciao Pietro ti auguro un buon fine settimana e per gli amici vegetariani ho postato una ricetta, naturalmente il riso deve essere molto al dente:-) nel ristorante di casa mia:-)
Un cordiale saluto

The Flower Window looks like 3D art.


people behind this should be recognized. great artworks.

I'm becomming a fan of your sundials! This one is gorgeous!!

Are the flowers painted on, or are they stickers? Beautiful :0

What a novel idea, to paint them on the wall!

Moderne, coloré et beau.
Piétro, "Segno solo ore serene" signifie "Je marque uniquement les heures de clarté ? ou quelque chose comme cela ?"

Now THAT is a window box I could probably manage to keep looking nice!