Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


July 12, 2009



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Beh! una bella improvvisazione che porta subito la mente in vacanza al mare magari a farsi un bel giro in barca a vela...

Buona domenica Pietro!

I like it ! Looks so cheerful and it's true makes think of holidays, as Gabry says !

Ciao Pietro, ti auguro una bella domenica. Un tocco delicato il tuo bel quadro fa venir voglia di mare e di viaggi, di vento....

Tis happy :)

dolce improvisation,bella
buona domenica!

Hi Pietro!
Hope all is well with you, mate.
Allow me to wish of a great sunday, too.
As for the improvisation, hum ... it's fantastic. If it was for sale, had I the money, I would buy it.

It's lovely! Like the surfers.. I wish I had time to go surfing now.

Hi Pietro
Very colorful & attractive. Is this your creation? Brilliant.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Really cool boat paiting.

This is full of joy, Pietro. Thanks. I will dream of sunshine tonight.

I love this painting. Perfect for July! Nice, cool, colorful, fun, peaceful.


I saw your comments on Dina’s blog about the military service in Israel and came to look at your blog. I like the painting very much, especially the three colors of blue, mutted blue and turquoise – it reminds me of vacations years ago at San Benedetto del Tronto and Riccione. Troppo longo che sono andate in Italia (sono andato da Bordighera nel 2002)

Buon inizio settimana, ieri in montagna sembrava sereno (da lontano nè?):-) un certo punto verso le 18 sembrava dovesse arrivare un temporale esagerato,poi è rientrato. Un cordiale saluto

Oooh too good natural-man work as a reminder of not only july but the fiery Summer. Left me to be lost in the colors becoming a poetic writer right now this early morning... how shall I survive all day long today;)
Well, may I kindly ask who's the painter? You Pietro?
Wish you a blissful great week as you wish to be so. All of my bestest wishes~

another important masterpiece. maybe you can make a collage of all your artworks.

Oh how it is was I sailing along these bright blue waves... bobbing up and down among the blue skies without a care in the world. To view this beautiful piece takes away all the stresses of the day... is wonderful as I sit back in my chair and I can almost hear the gulls cry in the background...

Pietro, I would be honored to have you take the Rocky Mountain Hug. If only I could give you one in person...

Take care, my friend.

M'illumino d'immenso! :-)

I am going to be in Venice this weeking: is there any chance of seeing some of your work in gallery there?

sonia a. mascaro
Very beautiful painting, Pietro! Just lovely!

Have a nice week ahead!

Ciao Pietro,
Oh so many thanks for your kind reply back. Rite now I am too online to be able to publish my today's post upon my return to home. Poughh its crazy hot here, AC running plus a glass of red wine at hand, and tons of beautiful photos that I try to decide up which one I shall insert for blog post.. Ain't life so hard, no:)
Hopefully all will be ready until this midnite:)
By the way, I knew that you did this great composition, but wanted to be sure. Bravissimo sei, vero! Wish you a very good evening from my part:)

The Blonde Duck
Did you draw that on the computer?

Beautiful colors, and it so captures the feeling of summer. It makes me happy!
Pietro your work is always so uplifting. Thank you for generously sharing this beautiful piece. You are a wonderful artist.
also thank you for your sympathies with regard to Sylvia. I very much appreciate your kind words.

Ciao Pietro, buon giovedì..oggi vorrei fare una gita sul Po :-)

The worst thunderstorms I ever had were at the Garda lake, thunders are terrible in the mountains !

Louis la Vache
This vividly captures the feel of summer!

The Blonde Duck
My mom is cool. :)

Me gusta! :)

Btw, I gave you an award on my site. Do check it out!

let's go sailing :)

The joy of sailing in summer! Beautiful!
I love blue and green together, too.

Jane Hards Photography
Bobbing along on the beautiful briny sea. I love this it's just such a happy image.