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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


July 7, 2009

Woodcarvings 3

Evrim Kilic (Turkey) "Wind of the mountain"

In a different angle: "Carving and casinò", ...

... "Sentry of the mountain", ...

... "Awakening",

compositions particularly appreciated in the previous posts

At the end of the path, a little rest at the refreshing fountain ...

... and a lovely landscape to admire

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La fontana è bellissima Pietro e poi che dire di quel panorama mozzafiato??? niente altro che è stupendo!

Un abbraccio e buona giornata!

They really are fascinating!

I agree with Gabry,
magnificent works of art and breath-taking landscapes!

I finally managed to publish images of the exterior of Schloss Hof! ;-)

The animal-like fountain is great.

Thanks for strongly expressing your viewpoint in your latest comment.

sonia a. mascaro
Beautiful works, Pietro. Love the most the refreshing fountain. The lasdscape is gorgeous too!

Have a nice week ahead as well.

The Blonde Duck
The first one looks more like a camel...

Marie Reed
And I thought the first one looked more like a giraffe:) These are really neat Pietro!

These are amazing. Human figures seem to be emerging from the wood.

Ciao Pietro, belle sculture, mi piace molto la seconda, ti auguro una buona giornata.

third pic scared me!

Buona serata, Pietro

The landscape is beautiful. My interpretations of the woodcarvings were different (quite a bit) than what they actually were. I think I don't have the mind of an artist!

Strange carvings again, lol ! not so my taste.
I think if everything would be restored in Italy the cities would loose some of their charm.

Did you see : Yes we CAMP ?? at the G8 meeting ?
That was really great.

Hi Pietro
Greetings from Coimbatore,India. I was passing by and took the liberty of viewing your blog.What I saw was an amazing, astounding,awesome collection of photographs each sublime & beautiful.I particularly loved the collection of wood carvings.Are these your own personal collection carved by you ? You are indeed a creative genius !
Please feel free to read my blog.
Best Wishes. Have a great day.


Guess what?! Evrim created one of these fascinating wood statues? Oh so proud I am:) So many thanks dear Pietro for sharing it, that was a surprise for me to find a work of Turkish artisan.

Another one, Sentry of mountain takes my heart, really something cool. And, this post could not be finished better than placing a fresh mountain picture as I admire, too.

Sending off my best wishes for a very good evening:)

ciao Pietro,

Those woodcarvings are really interesting and beautiful including the refreshing fountain which is really so inviting in these hot summer days. I also like the last photo with that lovely landscape.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: What a neat look at a great place to visit and get this wonderful view.

These are terrific!
I haven't see something like that here.

Ciao Pietro buon fine settimana, in armonia, come i colori delle tue belle tele.

Buon fine settimana Pietro e che che sia all'insegna del sole così puoi immortalare con i tuoi stupendi click qualche altro bellissimo panorama!!!

Buongiorno, è la giornata giusta per una bella passeggiata su quelle alture :-)

ciao Pietro, buona domenica!

Awesome piece of woodcarving, Pietro. I have been to Woodcarving Museum in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago and I was just in awe of them. :)

Louis la Vache
Very interesting series, Pietro.
«Louis» thanks you for your recent visit!

buongiorno Pietro
ho riaperto i blog, pare ci sia calma
ho moderato i commenti

Fascinating carvings simple clean lines.

More carvings to enjoy!
I love when you show these.
Lovely landscape as well.

Those are really interesting! We have some strange carving here in NZ, too.