Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


April 16, 2009



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Bellissimo questo letto di fiori!!!

Un saluto Pietro e buona giornata.

woww really nice garden!

Nice! Reminds me of Keukenhof in Holland :)

This is really beautiful photo with all those lovely flowers. Those tulips look so delightful and elegant. And the path looks so beautiful paved with that white-snow stones, each one almost in equal size.

A beautiful garden, Pietro. So much sunshine emerging from the eart as well as pouring upon it.

Like a painter's palette where the artist is searching for the perfect nuance !
Flowers are so wonderful when they're assembled in bedflower like this one. Abundance gives the best effect.

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Pietro: What a wonderfully shown flower bed. It looks like the stones were placed by hand for the neat flower planting.

Lovely flowers, Pietro. A scene for spring.

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The Blonde Duck
So pretty and colorful!
This is so beautiful Pietro. These tulips have such lovely color!

coloratissima.. ciao Pietro

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My Mom and sister are leaving on a two-week trip for Italy tomorrow. They will be visiting many of our favorite places there.

I hope that they will also be able to see something as beautiful as what's in this photo.


Beautiful colors ! Spring is my favourite season the colors are so bright and shiny !

ciao Pietro, grazie per il tuo commento, con la reflex fotografare è un gioco
buona giornata.

yes there are 6x6 neg, I cant wait see ur Contax photos! see u soon!

Hi Pietro! Another hectic week after the Easter break...
Lovely garden, wonderful picture, great post!
Also loved the pictures of Santa Maria del Monte!!

Meanwhile Blogtrotter has finished posting on Brasilia 2008. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

PS: Have you seen the last 26 CD-set of Maria Callas? Incredible Lucia...

Sereno fine settimana Pietro!

I've been catching up here and I see I've missed some beautiful posts. These flowers are gorgeous and I love your Easter post below!

Hi Pietro!
What a beautiful garden!
is it a park near your house?
Who did you go there with?:)

This past Sunday I was wandering in the nearest park to my home -without my high-heels of course, sneakers instead:)
Will be going to share the amazing beauty very soon.
These orange-red perfetto mix of tulipani gorgeous, Pietro! Loved very much. Did you know this flower of fire (=tulip) are indispensable flowers of Istanbul? Yes, and they already began to bloom:) Every inch of the town painted with its tens of millions.

Hope you're having a week in tulip beauty and essence.

Buonissima serata~

Well-designed and beautifully photographed! I love the tulip colors.

beautiful landscape. my dad is my favorite landscape artist.

sonia a. mascaro
Beautiful! Belo! Belíssimo!