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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


February 24, 2009

Fontana della Vière

Fontana della Vière
The fountain, in the village of Oulx (1127m, Val di Susa), is dated 1504. You can admire it in the upper part of the town, sheltered by a wide roof covering.

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looks old but beautiful! the oddness makes it beautiful.

Oh! yes, we get some like that too in the South of France. I love their quaint look. They're just like a "witness" of the village life. I imagine how many secrets it could have known.
The old stone wall is perfect in the background. Maybe it protected from the wind. Now, it finds an other use, paintings exposition ....times change.

I love this photo the old stone are amazing! have nice day!

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Pietro: What a great view of the old city. Neat paintings on the wall.
I was watching the Travel Channel and they visited Torino, Italy. I felt as if I was visiting you.

I lived in Switzerland a few years and never ceased being amazed by these old old fountains everywhere.
Thanks for the reminder. This fontana is beautiful in her old age.

I love this photo. It's so romantic.

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Vière doesn't mean the upper part of a village in French. It's the name of a river in North-East of France. Maybe it comes from our word "rivière" ?
what a beautiful old fountain. Are those paintings hanging behind it?

get zapped
A fantastic photo. Such intense textures.

I love how old looks. I'm sure it IS old, but I don't know how old. But I love it no matter.

Una fontana che gli anni hanno conservato bene e se ci mettessimo in ascolto sono sicura che l'acqua, che da essa sgorga, potrebbe raccontarci tante storie che l'hanno vista protagonista o semplice ascoltatrice.

Un saluto Pietro e buona giornata.

So we are seeing a piece of History?
Fantastic and simple monument.

What a beautiful spot. So unusual. I feel like I can touch the water!

Looks a nice place to stop and rest :)

The Blonde Duck
Are those paintings around the fountain? Is it in a gallery?

What a beautiful picture ! There is a similar once around the Lake of Garda (where my husband comes from) in the old little towns.

I mean of course "there are similar once", lol !


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grazie per il commento ai miei scatti :-) grazie anche perché mi ha portata a scoprire i tuoi bei lavori :)

Sylvia K
really beautiful! love the old fountain! reminds me of my visit to Italy. Thanks for the memories and the beauty!

To your comment : yes it is a very modern (and ugly) part of Brussels. In the 60th they demolished whole areas with wonderful old New Art or Victorian style buildings and mansions to built these ugly glass boxes ! It's a shame ! I knew Brussels before that human disaster ! I found the same catastrophe in Athens ! Even worse that's a real ugly town (besides the tourist stuff)

It certainly has withstood the test of time hasn't it! It's still graceful even with it's aged appearance.
Are the paintings permanent or just an exhibit?

Marie Reed
Again this effect is quite striking! It gives the shot such character!

looks very bright n happy =)

Un saluto Pietro e buon fine settimana!

ciao Pietro, buon fine settimana

God knows how many interesting stories are hidden between those old stone walls. I like that place and the fountain with the water that leaking by the sides. The flowers also give the photo charming look although its leaves got yellowish from the sun. Beautiful photo, indeed!

Hello Pietro!
There isn't old things in my town.
most houses renovated and old houses changed new building.
I wish my town became like European town.

I love those little flowers at the right hand corner.

sonia a. mascaro
What a gorgeous fontana, Pietro! Love so much this picture!

Thanks for your visiting to Leituras and for the logo of Ecological Day on your sidebar. So gentle of you! Would be great if you will join us.

PS: I am glad that the Google Translator works well.

Lovely photo. I can't believe it is so old and still looks good.


Wonderful picture! 1504? That's when the king of Portugal started thinking of sending an elephant to the Pope through the Alps... ;))

I love the little old fountain!

Oulx, that is a funny name, it sounds Celtic, not Roman.