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February 19, 2009

"Via gli animali dal circo!!!"

Via gli animali dal circo
I took this photograph on the outskirts of Turin in November. The message says: "No animals in circuses!!!"
Do you agree?

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But what would a circus be without animals? I myself am not a fan of circuses. But who knows? Perhaps the animals prefer to perform instead of sitting bored in a zoo.
Wasn't it the ancient Romans who kept the population quiet with bread and circuses?
Good thought-provoking photo, Pietro. What is your attitude to the question?
if the animals are well cared for, it is OK with me. I have been to many circuses & I have seen the pet owners treat their animals very well, like they were loved family members. The safest way would be to regulate it all somehow.
Nice photo Pietro.
& thank you for always saying nice things about my photos.
: )

When I was a little girl, I've seen a German shepherd roaming on the beach in Toulon. He had escaped from the circus on the other side of the road. His owner, a circus employee, arrived, looking for his dog. When he found him, he beat him with a wooden stick !
The beach attendant interfered with authority to stop that man.
When you watch this scene, Pietro, one time in your life (30 years ago) you doubt your all life about the well-being of circus animals. What was the life of the other animals in that circus, how did they force them to learn their circus sideshows ?
In the other hand, the animal part of the show is my son's favorite one.

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I feel animals are best in the wild but some circus people really love there animals so it is difficult, its a nice bold photo!

Not if they are treated well. What about zoos? I enjoyed the photo. :)
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Pietro: I can't agree with that stand on animals. I think if treated correctly the children get an opportunity to see wonders they don't normally see. That is a neat circus tent.

Marie Reed
I agree with Mike... It all depends on how the are treated:) I can't imagine a circus without animals!

I think the sign would better read no circuses" because the animals are the best part.

I personally don't like circuses at all, but that is just me. I went to a few as child, and even then my young, naive mind could sense depravity of life.

However, if the animals are treated well, it can be a good thing. I am guessing they are for the most part treated as good as they would be anywhere else. If they were treated very poorly, the wild ones would likely rebel more frequentlyy.

That's a bit odd. Do they mean people shouldn't bring their dogs along?

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Ah.. that is a difficult question, I don't like to answer questions like that! Yes and No ;-)

Do you agree?

I do agree.

Marvelous photo!

yes just clowns needed =p

Thank you for encoureaging the work on my kitchen :-) and personally I don't often go to a circus or watch a circus performance and when I do, it is not the animal acts I enjoy best, but the acrobat acts. So I think i agree. But I would not want to spoil anyones pleasure and if the animals are treated well, who knows if they don't enjoy the puzzles. I probably dislike zoos more. Besides, without the animals, why would the circus have sawdust on the floor, so maybe we should rephrase the question and then it should be easier to answer: what would a circus be without sawdust?

ciao Pietro, buona giornata

Difficult to say. If the animal was already born into the Circus it would be lost in another environment. The most important is that they are well treated and loved by their owners. In Belgium laws are very strict for that and a lot of controls are done.

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I'm not really a fan, I like animals to be as free a much as possible, though we do have a wonderful wildlife park here. Interesting post.

I think the animals must be given the best of care and lots of love. However why they are trained to do things they weren't meant to do is beyond me. I think wildlife parks where they can be kept as naturally as posssible is the best way for our children to know them.

Great thinking post!

YES! YES! I agree...I have NEVER attended a circus because live animals do not belong there..there is surely abuse not a kind life.. a nature lover.

Io sono per natura contraria a vedere aninali selvatici nei circhi o negli zoo, però poi penso a tutti i bimbi che non possono mai vedere da vicino questi stupendi animali e quindi il mio parere in merito è un pò controverso.... alla fine direi sicuramente no al circo e si a parchi a tema con animali liberi in ambieti ricostruiti secondo la loro origine.

Un saluto Pietro e buon fine settimana!

Marie Reed
What an interesting affect you've added to this photo too!

I do not like to see jungle animals in a circus or even behind bars in a zoo. It breaks my heart. I just want to open the cages and let them go back into the forests and the jungles. =)

Thanks Pietro for visiting my blog today.

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How is it a circus without animals? As long as they treat them well, what's the problem?

Marie Reed
Where exactly do you live in Italy Pietro? I wanted to post a vintage card just for you:)

Buongiorno Pietro e buon inizio di questa ultima settimana del mese di febbraio!

Marie Reed
Hi Pietro the Mole post will be up tomorrow:)

ciao pietro

Hi Pietro!
I understand his opinion.
but I like seeing circus,too.
He could say the same thing as Zoo.

Je préférerais des cirques sans animaux sauvages qui doivent vivre en pleine nature ... On peut visiter une cirque juste pour voir les spectacles des acrobates, non?

sonia a. mascaro
Amazing photo, Pietro!

I personally dont like to see wild animals on circus because on circus they always have to make some tricks and performs. I think this is not natural.

I agree with Carletta. Wild animals on the zoo is different because they can be kept as naturally as posssible.

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I went to the circus about two years ago. I had fun, but when I saw the dogs and the elephant, I felt a little sorry for them. On the other hand, they looked well-taken care of, and they seemed happy. So I guess it depends on the owner of the circus and the animals. I can't say what should or shouldn't be done in this issue. I just hope no animals are mistreated!

If they are cruel to animals. I agree.