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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


January 11, 2009

Villa Tesoriera (1713)

The Villa Tesoriera is a villa in Turin surrounded by a vast garden open to the public. The house is called La Tesoriera (The Treasurer) because it was built, in 1713, for the powerful State Councilor and General Treasurer, Aymo Ferrero of Cocconato. The architect was Jacopo Maggi, who was inspired by the Guarino Guarini's style.

The fountain

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Pietro,these are exquisite. The fountain against the snow is wonderful & I love the contrast of the dark benches against the soft backdrop.

It does look like our landscape - just as flat! But yours is more elegant, mine are cow pastures and canals when they are not frozen :-)

Pietro, these are so beautiful. Perfect winter photos. I love them both!

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They are nice winter photos I am surprised the fountains are not frozen.

What a lovely place. Such harmony and, as Thyme says, elegance. The snow magically transforms your photos into paintings! Beautiful, Pietro.

WOW... splendid show for these beautiful fountains! The winter weather is a beautiful backdrop and only enhances the beauty of these water spectacles!
Amazing post, Pietro, I really enjoyed it!

All sugar. Very beautiful.

Hi Pietro! It seems everywhere in Europe, people are getting their share of snow; no, not Lisbon... ;))
Beautiful pictures!
Have a great week!

Just thinking, Pietro....This is the first time I have seen a fountain at work in winter!

What an wonderful building, Pietro.
With these shade of white and grey, it's seems very classic and elegant. Strange, they let the fountain working with this cold.

It's quite a building!
With fine and geometrical lines.
And the landscape is amazing.

la neve crea sempre una bell'atmosfera! complimenti!

ciao Pietro, non sono stata ad Ala perche di neve mi basta quella di Pino tor.. sono rimasta assente perche il pc ho dovuto farlo formattare, nonostante l'antivirus era infettato. Adesso è tornato a casa e cosi ricomincio a scrivere

Elle est simple, symétrique, net, propre mais très élégante l'architecture de la Villa Tesoriera ... Ça me plaît beaucoup.

Hi Pietro!
I haven't been to Torino yet.
if I went to Italy next time, I definetely go to Torino. and see the Villa Tesoriera!
It's a really beatiful architecture.
and it looks more beautiful when the snow stack up!

Oh! These are all very lovely photos. Beautiful in white.


very elegant structure. who could be the architect.

Looks beautiful in the snow !!

for my icicle picture I haven't used the flash, but the sun was shining very bright.

Beautiful winter photos especially the first one. I like that Villa; it looks so elegant. It is interesting that the fountain isn’t frozen.

ciao Pietro

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Pietro: What a wonderful old structure, the fountain in Winter is a wonderful capture. Thanks for sharing this great building from your area of Italy.

No words would do any justice to the pics.. They are simply spectacular! :-)

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bellissime foto...

the first shot is so beautifully-composed. the muted colours are PERFECT!