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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


November 8, 2008

Snow cannon

At Melezet (Valsusa, 1367m) the snow cannon is ready for the near winter season.

Information about artificial snow here.

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Hello Pietro!
Yeah, I'm ready to go to the snow world, too. ahaha!
I'm gonna go to the ski resort next month.
I hope snow comes as soon as possible:)

That looks really small! Interesting, I've never seen one.

There is no problem if the snow fails this winter, that snowmaking machine is ready to make white blanket all around. Interesting device, indeed!

Louis la Vache
So wha does the snow cannon fire? Giant snowballs?

Is that what they look like?
When I first heard about a snow cannon I could not believe my ears!

it is good to be ready!


Hello Pietro !

The snow is arriving in a few days ???

Such a strange sight, Pietro! It's weird to know with the flick of a switch that mountain will be turned into a winter wonderland!

That's cool! You should take a photo of it when it's in action.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Have a fab autumnal weekend!

A Pinay In England
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I, Woman

sonia a. mascaro
Great picture, Pietro! Very interesting the snow cannon, I've never seen one!

ciao Pietro buona domenica

Not yet!!!! Pietro! I'm not ready for that!

A Wild Thing
No snow! No snow! Sorry, last year here in the states we were bombarded with so much snow in the upper midwest(Iowa), I will gladly look at it in pictures, rather than my buried yard. We saw our first flakes yesterday...YUCK!
interesting article about the snow machine Pietro. Do you get to go skiing at all?

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: I know what a snow cannon is a we have small ski slopes that are covered with snow as soon as it is cold enough to stay.

I am sure the skiers cannot wait! You have some wonderful photography her!
I was in Italy this past summer!

Shalom. Your comment just now at Catherine's blog is so true. :)

I'm glad it led me to your nice blog!
You know, Israelis are selling snow to the Swiss --

See you again.

I am thinking that place will look very much different soon!

winter is coming. although the philippines doesn't encounter snow, still we experience better climate during these coming months.

ho letto in questo momento il tuo commento, hai ragione l'autunno ha un che di triste a volte mi assomiglia e devo dirti che è il periodo migliore della mia creatività
un abbraccio pierangela

No snow yet?????... here in spain in some areas were already skiing...

I've never seen either equipment before! Wow. :D

Louis la Vache
"Louis" noticed in your profile that you like Bach. There is a saying (attributed to the Swiss-German theologian Karl Barth):
"When God in heaven commands his angels to play music for him, they always play Bach, but when they play just for themselves, they play Mozart."

ciao Pietro ho letto che ti piacciono i gatti, ne ho tre tra cui nicola in questi giorni non stà bene, anchìo amo molto i gatti e tutti gli animali in genere
buona giornata.Pierangela

Is it cold enough to start thinking about snow there? It's still pretty nice and warm down here in Puglia!

i m sorry, always less snow here in Italy....
ciao Luis

Hello Pietro!
If you feel like it, can you exchange Christmas card with me?
If you're OK, please email me:)

sonia a. mascaro
Wow! The snow cannon is huge!

Have a nice week ahead!

I had never seen a snow cannon before! It’s incredible to learn that it is possible to make snow enough to cover all that area with such a relatively small machine!

Huh...and we only want snow for skiing! lol. this is the first time I saw the cannon =)

what a fun!

have a nice week-end my friend )

Marie Reed
What a wild snow cannon! I have never seen one either!

sonia a. mascaro
Thank you, Pietro, for sent me the link to that post. There is a cannon, but there is not snow... And I went again to the link about artificial snow.
Thanks again!