Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


September 6, 2008


Cristiana Capotondi is one of my favourite actresses


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Hi Pietro!
I'm lucky to write comment first:)
by the way this is very cute drawing.I don't know Cristiana Capotondi. but she must be cute:)

sonia a. mascaro
Very delicate painting, Pietro! I don't know Cristiana Capotondi... but I will search on Google because I am curious.

Have a nice weekend.

sonia a. mascaro
Me again... sounds she is a good actress, but I did not see any of her movies.

Delicate, bright, beautiful. I see in this the spirit of a daffodil!

Clearly from this painting she is a favorite. I did not know who she was, so I looked her up. I will have to find something in English that she is in. She IS beautiful!

Wonderful! Done in a bright and cheerful way so I imagine she too must be the same personality! I really love how you done this! Beautiful! Made me smile. =)

Thanks for your comments, Pietro!

I don't know who that lady is but judging for this picture she is like a gentle breeze and beautiful like a bouquet of wild flowers and delicate like a spring sunshine rays. That is what I can see on this photo.
what a beautiful painting. you have such a unique style. I really love the colors.

Love the colours ß fantastic) so bright and so vivid!

never heard of her. ill check it in wikipedia.

Colors, and technique make her so delicate.

I like the colors in your improvisation. Very nice. I'm going to google Cristiana Capotondi. ;-)

I like that drawing!

That's a refreshing piece of work!

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