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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


March 16, 2016

On the snow

Snow cannon

Snow panthers

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To see such strange machines, snowy slopes, and "sun-worshiping" people is a treat for me, a desert-dweller. :)

Photo Cache
What a beautiful day to spend in the snow.

Kenneth Cole Schneider
Looks like much fun and good times. It has never snowed where I now live in south Florida.

people having fun!

Looks like so much fun!! Beautifully captured!!
What do you shoot with the snow from a snow cannon?

Marvellous shots.

Beautiful pictures ! I am now waiting for spring and green grass !

Wow, pretty day and beautiful sky. A wonderful day to be out on the slopes skiing. Great shots! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Beautiful shots. I would love to ski there.

John's Island
Hi Pietro, I very much enjoyed this post. You now know me well enough to know that one who likes trains and ships will also love to see the snow machines! Wow, impressive they are! The more I see of your blog the more I want to visit Turin!!! :-) Very best regards from Seattle!

Crafty Green Poet
I've never ski-ed on snow and it's just not the same on an artificial slope!

So much of fun activity there! Well captured.

Good to see a happy dog out there too:)
Nice day and a nice place.

sonia a. mascaro
Love the pictures, Pietro!
What a wonderful place!
So lovely seeing the dog looking to the girl and I think he would like to have a little piece of sandwich.


Bardonecchia, always offers a great show for lovers of skiing

Your photos are full of cool fresh energy! They urge to act.