Pietro Brosio Gallery: Sundial 20
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Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.

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February 6, 2016

Sundial 20

Sundial on a Ligurian house

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Photo Cache
The facade of the building is beautifully decorated. I like them so much.

Wow, that is a really big sundial and a long shadow.
You could say the time is 20 minutes past the green shutters. ;)

Sylvia K
A beautifully decorated building indeed!! Wonderful, colorful captures for the day, Pietro!! Thank you for sharing!! I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend!!

Brilliant captures!!

Crafty Green Poet
un edificio magnifico!

how very cool!!

Geoff Wilkinson
Fabulousl sundial and beautiful colours on the building, lovely pictures..

Beautiful Sun Dial, so much work of art on it.

Wow - I adore that house! So beautiful.

That's so beautiful that it seems to be completely new !!

What a magnificent place

Una parentesi di antico che fa capolino nella modernità.

My Unfinished Life
Such a pretty painted facade!!!


Hello, I love the colorful buidling and the sundial. Great shots. Enjoy your weekend!

A Casa Madeira
Uma arquitetura muito bela.

A Casa Madeira
Uma arquitetura muito bela.

Beautiful shots! The light on the buildings looks lovely. Happy weekend.

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Kenneth Cole Schneider
I've never seen a sundial like that-- oriented vertically and integrated into the building's facade! Beautifully captured.

Wow! Such grand designs and art! Fantastic shots!

sonia a. mascaro
Love always your photos of Sundials, Pietro!
The Ligurian house is just beautiful!

John's Island
Hi Pietro, Sundials are one of my favorite things. Yes, I'm old fashioned. :-) Sadly, we don't have many of these beautiful dials in America. Thank you for sharing these photos!