Pietro Brosio Gallery: Cheerful Sunflowers
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Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.

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August 1, 2011

Cheerful Sunflowers

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Sylvia K
Oh, such lovely, sunny, happy flowers! And what superb captures, Pietro! I love the rich colors, the blue sky and the beauty! Have a wonderful week, my friend!


Wow! Lovely close shots. :)

The Blonde Duck
I used to grow sunflowers!

sonia a. mascaro
Love these sunny flowers, Pietro! Sunflower is a perfect name to them. In Portuguese their name is Girassol.
You took stunning photos, Pietro.

Have a happy day.

Ohhh! My favorite -- Sunflowers! I LOVE them. Wonderful photos.

Dear Pietro,
sunflowers are summer's smile, you captured it beautifully!

Regarding the blog name:
Would you send me a mail. My address is on my profile.

not only the bees will be very happy from this flower.


LOVELY! Sunflowers just say summer. I love these; especially the last one with that vibrant yellow contrasted with the blue sky.
Have a wonderful day my friend!

Bella Suns

one with a bee!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

Amazing beauties.

Hi Pietro!
I like your last picture!
the blue sky and the yellow sun flower is really beatiful!
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Photo Cache
we grew some sunflower plants in the old days, but the squirrel were having too much fun with it so we stopped :)

you have captured the essence of this cheerful bloom.

Strong and beautiful, these images. Thanks for this generous burst of color.

Hi Pietro! It seems that everybody is on holidays... Here it’s true, but someone has to stay... ;)

Great sunflowers...

Blogtrotter Two is preparing to leave St. Florent. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

Sunflowers have to be the official flower of summer! These are beautiful. Over here we grow a variety called Italian White that get to about 4 feet.
Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Ciao Pietro, un caro saluto..girasoli magnifici, dalle nostre parti c'era un campo enorme, una distesa immensa, ora c'è un parco...

Lovely signs of hope for us in the UK and around the world. Peace :)

Hi Pietro! So, We, The People who are not in holidays, keep the blogosphere alive... ;)
Blogtrotter Two just crossed Corsica from North to South. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

The Blonde Duck
Have a good weekend!

Ciao Pietro, buon fine settimana e ferragosto, noi siamo ritornati, Torino a volte mi manca, ma al mare no:-)Un caro saluto.

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And it's starting to gloom here in the UK..


Buon ferragosto , belle immagini..sorridenti.

The Blonde Duck
How pretty!

Love those mountaintops surrounded by clouds (maybe because we don't often get to see that in California!)

Short Poems
Beautiful close shots.