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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


November 3, 2009

The Dauphin Tower at Oulx

From the village of Oulx (1127m, Piedmont) you can reach the tower walking through a nice lane. The battlemented tower was part of the ancient Dauphin Castle the late evidences of which go back to 1499.

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Ciao Pietro, sai, vedendo questa foto ancora ricca di colori, nonostante l'autunno, viene voglia di girare in questo paesello in cerca di qualche piccola cascata, io ne sono attratta in modo esagerato, non so perchè, ma l'acqua che viene giù dai monti è inebriante, una forza della natura...anche il castello mi fa venire in mente tempi lontani, forse la vita era dura, ma si amava e rispettava la natura.

Buongiorno Pietro mi piace questa foto, dove la torre è a guardia di questa folta vegetazione che muta col cambiare delle stagione mentre lei da secoli e lì sempre la stessa.

Un abbraccio e buona giornata!

Such a beauty. Delightful view!

The tower is so subtle, Pietro. It seems to be an organic part of this lovely landscape.

sonia a. mascaro
So beautiful this photo, Pietro with gorgeous vegetation around the tower! Looks nice that we can reach the tower.

As you comment on my blog that you live in the town center, I would love to see photos of the your city.

Have a nice day!

Looks lovely with the Autumn colours :)

A tower in the wilderness; great name, too.

Spices of Life
that is really great.. and nice to be one of the ancient places too

Beautiful view of the tower behind lovely colorful trees!

Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your sweet words:)
I'm good:)
have a lovery week:)

ciao Pietro, sono stata al colle "don bosco" erano anni che non ci andavo, ed ho trovato una struttura molto moderna, forse troppo cemento,la ricordavo molto più semplice e suggestiva.
buona giornata

It's almost as if the tower arises from the middle of nature itself!
And the landscape is wonderful with all those autumn colours.

one of my wish is still to see one bg castle and see it inside. this one is majestic!

beautiful. love the colours

The Blonde Duck

Beautiful ! what a work to built a tower in the middle of woods with the means of this time ! Amazing !

The Blonde Duck
I'm glad you like Isadora!

Hi Pietro! Great shot once again. It looks that the tower was there just to make it a great picture for you!!

Meanwhile Blogtrotter is showing you an incredible sea symphony of colours. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Beautiful capture of the tower and into the 13TH century, quite amazing.

Ciao Pietro ti auguro un bel giorno, il venerdi mi piace (forse perchè me ne manca uno?) :-)) Non ho mai capito l'origine di questa frase, cmq per compensare ho dalla mia molte domeniche:-)
Un caro saluto

lovely capture!

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro,
Thanks for your nice comment on my Sky photo!

Have a nice weekend!

To what I know, every tower documents a past which is rich in history. Likely this splendid the Dauphin Tower at Oulx. I'd love to take the route to visit it and surrounding village..

You're just professional in the photographic art, Pietro. Wishes for a very happy weekend to you, enjoy.

I like this autumn scene.


Still bright and sunny in there? It's freezing in here now.

I think I'd like to walk along the lane to that pretty tower.

As soon as I saw this I felt I was in Tolkien's Middle Earth.
I LOVE this shot!