Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


October 13, 2009


This composition of mine is an Award for all the nice blogger friends who gave me an Award some time ago. They are:

Louise of Potted Frog

Catherine of THE FIVE OF US

Paz of Paz's New York Minute


Lily of Long Island Daily Photo

Ayamlin of A comfortable vacation

Fishing Guy of This is my blog

Nihal of CrossRoads

The Blond Duck of A Duck In Her Pond

Addy of Oh Addy!

Unseen Rajasthan of Unseen Rajasthan

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sonia a. mascaro
Thank you so much Pietro! I am very happy with this Award! So nice of you!
You have a great blog and I always enjoy visiting you and I am very glad to know you too.

Have a good week ahead.

What a nice idea, to thank all your award-givers together. Nice to see we have some blogger friends in common.
Your artwork here is the most beautiful award yet on the Web. As a faithful follower of your Gallery blog, I am honored to take it.
Thanks Pietro, and many blessings to you.

Complimenti Pietro per il riconoscimento ricevuto e grazie per averlo donato a noi tutti !!!

Un abbraccio e buona giornata!

Unseen India Tours
Hello Friend !! Thanks for the Award ! I am grateful that you remembered me..Congratulations.

Nonostante i 3 anni di British Council e un mese in Inghilterra, il mio inglese fa acqua da tutte le parti....ahahah!!!! diciamo che come scusante posso dire che l'ho studiato secoli fa.... e vista l'età incomincio a perdere qualche colpo... anzi molti....ahahahah!!!

Un abbraccio !

Non conosco la lingua però sono convinto che in qualche modo devo ringraziarti!
Buona giornata, Pietro!

Good Morning Pietro,
When I saw the new title of your post on my roll, I thought you won a new more award. But I'm surprised right now, yeah:) Awarded me with an inspiring award that came out from your mind. What an honour.

I'd like to thank you for featuring your page and providing such a great resource to art and nature lovers like me.

Wishing you the nicest week.

Hello Pietro . This is a very pretty award. Love it.

Where can I follow you?.:)

Thank you so much Pietro ! I'm so honored that this award is one of your creation ! That's a fabulous present, for me at this present time given I was thinking some months ago about stopping. That's a great encouragement.

Oh wow! Thank you very much! I especially love it because you personally created it. Awesome! Thanks again.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: What an honor to get an award from the originator of the artwork.

I am almost speechless. This is so beautiful, and that it is your original work makes it even better. I am the world's worst at passing on awards (now--I used to be better at the beginning of this adventure), but I promise to figure out how to put this on my site if for no other reason that it is stunning. Thank you!

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro, I forgot to say that the original painting you did for the Award is really beautiful and creative!
Thank you again!

Grazie Pietro, anch'io come già detto conosco a stento il napoletano ed un pò di piemontese:-) per l'inglese non trovo tempo, complimenti sinceri per il premio ed un cordiale saluto.
Grazie Pietro!
Thank you for this beautiful award. It really is so sweet of you to go out of your way to create such an amazing design for your fellow bloggers. I can't wait to put this on my blog! Thank you!

The Blonde Duck
Awww! How sweet of you! Thanks so much!

It's beautiful! I am too lazy to steal it right now besides I have been a bad follower, but I would definitely put it on my blog!

Ah Pietro, dimenticavo ho conservato il tuo "ricordo" per i lettori nell'isola dei tesori :-)
Buona serata !

Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your original award.
I'm more than delighted to get it.
your image is very beautiful.
I'm sooo happy!!
Thank you Pietro!
Have a lovely week:)

That is a nice award. I enjoy your blog.

Grazie Pietro, accetto con vero piacere.

quite a great number of awards! whoa! congratulations!

Very nice creation !

I saw the note you left me and came by. You have touched my heart today. It is a joy to come here. I love your photography and your art and will be proud to put this on my blog.
Hugs to you my friend.

YAY PIETRO! THANK YOU! :D I feel honoured. Thanks again.


Great creation!! Lovely!!

Hey Pietro! I tried to save the image but I couldn't :( Sad!