Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


August 11, 2009


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Wow, that really looks like August!
Beautiful, active, happy, hot.

Originalissimo questo tuo Agosto infuocato e con le piccole barchette a vela.... ma hai usato un programma di grafica, forse freehand, per fare questo vero? ... anni fa... anzi secoli fa... io avevo un PC MAC che per fare queste cose era una bomba... mi divertivo un mondo a disegnare con freehand...poi ho cambiato pc ed ho scelto Windows perchè con il MAC non riuscivo a scambiare con gli amici i programmi in quanto il MAC viene usato essenzialmente da professionisti.

Un saluto Pietro e buona giornata, tu tutto ok vero???

Un abbraccio!

PS- non sapevo che con una connessione lenta anche i video risultassero lentissimi da vedere.... come sono ignorante.... ahahah!!! nella vita c'è sempre da imparare....e come diceva il buon Eduardo De Filippo.... gli esami non finiscono mai !!!

Hi Pietro!
Great sunny August! Finally temperatures are getting higher, but for those working that's not a good sign... ;))

Blogtrotter has some more Rural Iceland before the Blue Lagoon. Enjoy and have a fabulous week!

Very warm! I like the boats :-)

Unseen India Tours
Fantastic !! Too Flashy with lovely colors..Unseen Rajasthan

The Blonde Duck
That sums it up perfectly!

My goodness! That is exactly what it feels like now, Pietro. This is great.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: August certainly is shown with the sun and the sailboats, Thanks for sharing your art.

Hi Pietro!
Hello Antigoni!
Thank you for worrying me!
I'm more than delighted you worried me from the news.
Earthquake happened near Tokyo but I'm OK.
Earthuquakes happen a lot in Japan.
but this time my house shook badly during the earthquake.
I hope big earthquake doesn't happen!

by the way this image is definetely summer!
Did you make it?
I really like it:)
it makes me bright:)

Un cordiale saluto ed a rivederci :-)

If only the weather here in UK is like that! Sunny, warm and active. But sigh.......

I love the color here. I can feel the warmth from this artwork. ;-) Thanks for sharing it with us.


The Blonde Duck
Yea, the ball post took FOREVER to do!

Photo Cache
groovy (do people still say that?)

Photo Cache
Hi Pietro, here's what groovy is:

The Blonde Duck
Get thee to a coconut pie, then!

Funny how you are trying to convince me that you made a mistake and I think you did not! The English and the Dutch are exactly analogous in this rule. Besides I understood you very well when you said it.

Lovely colors, gives a great feeling.

buon ferragosto

wow,,August where I am is either cloudy, rainy or hazy! Glad yours is a brighter one! :)

What a spontaneously creative artwork dedicated to August, dear Pietro. Thanks to your hands and valuable time taken to make it. I just feel the solar influence that is ascribed the passion who come under it -like me:)

In the meantime, thank you very much for your birthday greetings, you are so thoughtful and kind as always -I had a magnificent day!

Have a great weekend~

This LOOKS like August. The colors scream "August" to me. It amazes me that things like this come from your mind. I can appreciate it, but couldn't dream it.

Buon Ferragosto Pietro... ovunque tu sia!!!

sonia a. mascaro
What a beautiful surprise, Pietro! So colorful and so bright!
Have a warm and nice weekend!

Of all the abstract painting that I have seen, I believe this is so fart the most awesome.
Thanks for sharing this to us, Pietro.
Enjoy your weekend. :)

Wonderful imnage

This is terrific. How happy I feel when I see this... the splashes of pink makes this work perfectly! I think this is one of your better pieces, my friend... awesome!

This is a great work Pietro. I should see this photo when winter comes to feel the warmth of August again.

wow post great photos and your works are wonderful...thanks for your wonderful sprinkle of joy and creativity through art to the world! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ yippie!!!!!!!