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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


May 9, 2009

Tav 2

On the Mount Musiné

In the cloudy sky

Near the monastery Sacra di San Michele (10th century)

I often travel the Val di Susa (Susa Valley) and I can't help noticing more and more NO TAV signs.
The readers who are not interested in the NO TAV question will perhaps look upon these photographs as curious images.

NO TAV is a movement of the population of the valley against the construction of a railway line of high-speed train (TAV) Turin - Lyon, in the construction of the so-called Corridor 5 that should connect across eastern Europe (beginning from Kiev), with the major cities of western Europe (including Turin, Marseille, Barcelona to Lisbon).

My previous post about NO TAV: here

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La gente del posto ha espresso in tutte le maniere di non volere la TAV
e le tue foto ne sono la dimostrazione visiva.

Grazie Pietro per i complimenti , ogni tanto mi diletto anche con la grafica.

Un saluto e buona giornata.

Ciao Pietro e grazie per queste eloquenti e maestose immagini, c'è un comitato no-tav molto "forte e deciso", spero si riesca a fare qualcosa. Per ora ho sorriso perchè mancano i fondi..e spero che non li trovino mai.
Buon fine settimana

wow they are serious abt not having tav!

Unfortunately nowadays war is the choice to solve all our pains, that is what worries me the most, because people get used to war, typically ready to war:(

Thus, we are seeing an increasing militarisation in the world. We are scared of loosing, of being a minority, of not having political power.

However all of us should fight for a dream, for a desire, but not for democracy.

Have a nice full of green and peaceful weekend Pietro. Very good point to discuss on:)

Les avions ne son't-ils pas la meilleure réponse au problème ?
S'il s'agit d'une ligne à grande vitesse, le train ne s'arrêtera que dans les grandes villes......desservies par des aéroports.
Quels beaux paysages naturels ! Qu'il serait dommage de voir s'incruster une ligne de train dans toute cette nature.

Beautiful images. I can see why the people who live there do not want the TAV, but personally I think I am in favour of it... trains are a much more energy efficient means of transport than aeroplanes. Of course ideally we should all travel by bicycle!

It's a beautiful landscape, but I think they will built the train rails. As everything in life, business is business.
People were against so many bridges and ponds and look what has happened.

What a beautiful landscape.

I was not aware of the NOTAV movement. Basically I am not in favor of anything that spoils nature and its beautiful places.
Beautiful scenic shots!

I'm on the fence. It's good to connect people, but not at the expense sometimes of Mother Nature. Great photos, Pietro!

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Buona serata Pietro e buon inizio settimana!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: That is something which will have to be worked out since I'm sure there are people on both sides of the issue.

ciao Pietro, buon inizio settimana

Bellissime queste foto, mi auguro che questa zona rimanga com'è....
Buongiorno Pietro

i would also go for a no tav because we cant just destroy nature the way we like it. im sure there can be other options better than the tav.

nice shots!

Great shots... I personally think it is time that we put our environment ahead of our need for convinience and development. Every time we make an exception or believe that development are the most important thing we take ourselves one step closer to the point of no return... if we are not there already...

Marie Reed
Do you think that is will stop from being built?
I can not blame people being against it. You have a beautiful landscape. Interesting post Pietro.

Very striking!

The Blonde Duck
I wouldn't want TAV either!

sonia a. mascaro
Yes, I remember your previous post about NO TAV.
I see that this issue is current yet. My ask is like Marie Reed.

Those photos are great! Beautiful mountain and beautiful blue sky!

PS: Thank you so much my friend Pietro, for your kind comment on my blog. So nice and so gentle of you! I will think about your suggestion... maybe a blog with only photos, without text... it's more easy for me now.
Thanks again!
Have a nice day!

Beautiful photos.

Be blessed,

It would really be a shame for the train construction to cut up landscape like that.
Is that monastery still in use? Great location.

Yes Pietro, I hope to bring you photos of Pope Benedict tonight. My nun friends were able to get me a ticket to the Mass in Jerusalem today!

Marie Reed
Thank you so much for answering my question Pietro!

Ciao Pietro ti auguro con ritardo una buona settimana ed un caro saluto.
Qui siamo alle prese con i colori e gli imbianchini:-)

Great photos about something that represents the need of people to stand up and fight for their rights and wht they stand for.

Here in Portugal we also have a lot's of people saying no TAV (Lisbon/Madrid) mainly because we really don't have the money to pay it!

Great pictures, Pietro. I wish to see them in reality. :)

Buona giornata Pietro, da tutti noi.

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro!
I just acept your suggestion. Thank you! If you have the time, please, come to see my blog's update.
A big hug to you.

Grazie Pietro per i tuoi apprezzamenti ai miei pensieri in versi.
Buona serata e buon proseguimento di settimana Pietro.

sonia a. mascaro
Me again, Pietro!
I would love if you will visit the blog Caliandra do Cerrado, to see the beautiful and moving post did by Elma Carneiro. She also mentioned your nice suggestion to me on Leituras & Imagens.

She also explains that she could not hostess Ecological Day any longer. But I can understand her. She did a good and talented job with Ecological Day and I am very grateful to her.

Have a nice week ahead.