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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


April 7, 2009

Ski Season

Melezet (1367m), Sunday 5th April 2009 - In the Val di Susa this year the skiing season seems to be endless: the snow is excellent and the ski runs are all open.

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Ancora c'è tutta questa neve Pietro?

Un saluto.

ciao Pietro, buona giornata.

Des photos qui laissent rêveuse.
La nature à l'état pur. C'est grandiose.

White snow, white clouds and a piece of blue sky! Simple but beautiful!

Hi Pietro!
Oh, I wanna go there very much!
most ski resorts in Japan are already closed!
by the way are you OK?
I heard big earthquake happened in Italy!

would like go there for the final sky season!

Beautiful snow scenes.
I'm so sorry about the tragedy of Italy's earthquake.

That is so pristine! Another lovely shot, Pietro.

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The Blonde Duck
Great picture! I'm glad you're safe and sound! I was worried.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaw very beautiful shots :))))

Piétro, you're one of the most regular blogger to comment on our blogs, so I can understand that it represents a lot of time. I'm not astonished at all. And I've never thought that you were late commenting. On the contrary, you're always there, leaving us a pleasant comment that gives to blogging all its interest and pleasure. I thank you for that.
Have a nice day.

Marie Reed
I certainly didn't expect to see skiing today! :) You are full of surprises Pietro!

Again.. or still? I am surprised. I hear of snow in America.. here spring is admittedly a bit late but it has definitely come. Is this your regular weather or are the seasons shhifting you think?

Lovely snow scene.

I'm sorry to read about the earthquake in Italy. Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers.


I'd like to lay down in that snow right now and cool off my aching head.

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Pietro: That has to seem like an endless Winter in the mountains. It is a beautiful scene with the blue skies..

I don't ski at all which is kind of surprising as I am surrounded by so many wonderful mountains.
We still have some skiing up here as well but Spring conditions... just don't know how much longer with the warmer weather moving in.

You have such beautiful pictures here!

Hi Pietro!
I'm glad you're fine.
but many people must be in trouble
in Italy.
Japanese people are used to earthquake.
So probably it's much harder for Italian people more than us.
I hope everything gets well.

Hi Pietro!
Yes, when I stayed in Rome, the building of the hotel was built around 1800AD. there are a lot of old buildings in Italy.
That's why people like Italy and people are interested in Italy.
Many Italian old buildings are very attractive for us.
So I'm very sorry many old buildings were bloken by this earthquake.
they're fortune for Italian people also every countries' people.
Because I'm really interested in Roman history also many people must be interested in it.
I read books about Roman history.
every emperor is really attracitive.
they had a lot of talent.
Of course Caesar was attractive but also even Nero was attractive.
I wish I met them and I wish they were in Japan.

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro, I am so sorry about the tragedy of Italy's earthquake. I am glad you are fine.

Love your snow's pictures. Did you believe that I never seen snow yet?

Great snow photos.
Pietro, I wish you and your family a nice Easter.

It is good that winter hanging on makes some people very happy!