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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


April 23, 2009

Perspectives 3

The blue roofs

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Particolare questa tua foto Pietro....muri rossi e tetti blu...
sarei curiosa di sapere dove sono questi simpatici tetti blu.

Un saluto e buona giornata.

Ciao Pietro,
Oh, I love blue in almost everything, and heart these roofs as well. Looks like as a part of the sky, no?
I can't passing by to ask if this house is in the wrong location? I'm wondering whether it is nearby a bay, seashore?
Have a nice day~

Très jolie harmonie. On voit l'oeil du peintre réactif aux couleurs.
De nos jours, les constructions modernes sont quelques fois si uniformes. Un peu de couleurs et l'aspect des choses devient agréable et plaisant, même par temps de pluie.

great colors against the dark sky! good job!

Da queste parti oggi è una bellissima giornata di sole.

Where those buildings all built by the same company or is it just a coincidence?
Even so, quite interesting pattern.

What a neat array of buildings and to have such a sky over them is fascinating!! It looks as if the sky is falling...
A wonderful photo!

Wonderful color on a grey day.

Great perspective :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: What a special color for the buildings, sort of a colbalt blue.

Lovely colors against the backdrop of the sky. Makes a lovely photo, indeed.


Grey day and dark sky, just like here. Amid all that monotony weather, I too would rather find an escape in those lovely blue roofs.:-))
I love the blue roofs against the sky. It's almost as if they are leaking blue color into the clouds slowly saturating them little by little. Very cool shot Pietro!

The Vintage Kitten
Lovely photo. The colourful rooftops look so cheerful against the dull sky

That's unusual! It's usually red tiled roofs. Thanks for sharing this, Pietro. A really nice view of the houses.

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The Blonde Duck
I want a pink roof. Wouldn't that be fun and cheery?

That's quite a menacing sky ! and the light makes the roofs look blue. Very special picture !
To your comment : Yes, I think we don't have that much pollution in Waterloo, it is quite green. Brussels too is not too bad compared to other big cities.

Ciao Pietro, ti ho "conosciuto" da Gabry..accipicchia che dipinti!!!
Non ti dico che sei bravo, non sono un critico nè una persona che s'intende molto di pittura, so solo che m'incanto quando vado a qualche mostra, i colori, l'anima dell'artista emergono sempre e mi fanno sognare....mi piacciono molto i tuoi quadri.
Volevo leggere i commenti, ma haimè nn conosco nemmeno l'inglese..che frana:-)))
Ti auguro una buona giornata, al di là del tempo, che come vediamo è un pò tendente al grigio topo...
Ciao, a presto.

Hi Pietro! Gorgeous! Even if the sky wasn't helping the blues; a bit more «neroazzurri», like everything else in the «scudetto»... ;)

After the green, Blogtrotter entered the old town... ;)
Enjoy and have a great weekend! I’m going to be busy at the Music Fest (Bach’s legacy… ;))

Più la guardo e più mi piace questa tua foto Pietro... si capisce che adoro il blu e tutte le sue sfumature???

Un saluto Pietro e sereno fine settimana!

Hi Pietro!
I don't see such a beautiful street near my house.
are there houses?

Answer to your cat question :
No animal is easier than a cat, she is independant. You adopt a kitten, after 6 months you get it neutred, the food is in every supermarket, can food and dry food and a cat usually eats what she needs. It's not like a dog. She goes in and out cuddles when she wants (not you) and can learn a lot of things but only when she wants !

More blue on the houses than in the sky. Beautiful colors.

Pietro, are you going to have a cat?

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nicely framed photo here.

sonia a. mascaro
Wow! Amazing picture!

Marie Reed
How unusual that they are all blue! Great shot Pietro!

i think this is one of my most favourite photos of yours, pietro. :)