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March 6, 2009


No Tav

No Tav
NO TAV is a movement of the population of the Val di Susa against the construction of railway line of high-speed train (TAV) Turin - Lyon, in the construction of the so-called Corridor 5 that should connect across eastern Europe (beginning from Kiev), with the major cities of western Europe (including Turin, Marseille, Barcelona to Lisbon).
Similar movements of dispute arose in the early nineties between Florence, Bologna and Rome. As a result of the disputes in the Val di Susa, all movements NO TAV have obtained a national media dialog to expose their own arguments. (Wikipedia)

More information about No Tav: Ambientevalsusa

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I would so love to reach Torino in a few hours ! But considering the wonderful landscape you show us behind the flags, I'm sure it would be more wiser to leave the project.
You know, Pietro, they try to build a TGV line between Lyon and Nice, passing through the Alpes. We get our NO TGV too. Local inhabitants don't want it at all.
The railway line between Marseille and Nice take 3 hours. With the new line, it only would take, maybe 1 hour directly, instead of doing the actual run : Lyon Marseille Nice.
All is a question of time + money against wise men. The battle is already unbalanced.

no TAV is a minorty movement in Val di Susa itself, trying to stop a project that any green movement across Europe would support.

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Peitro: It seems that there a lot of places in the world where progress of this sort is frowned on. It seems it would bring people to your wonderful area of the world.

get zapped
Yes, it's the first I've heard of it. I hope the people get their way. In my city years ago we voted against building a sport's stadium, but you know what? they build it anyway, and taxpayers paid for it! gl!

Wow, thanks for the history sharing. Very informative.

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I, Woman

I see the point to this. What if we stopped racing around and shrinking the world?

Since I don't live near there, I can't give an opinion. If they don't rip the entire landscape up, the convenience would be nice and the sights to see on the trip would be fabulous. But I like where we don't have high speed trains at all, so I know nothing.

The photos are wonderful!

I love the last image against the beautiful mountains!
If the railway would destroy much of that it would be devastating to the landscape.
I have to agree with Sandy - the world needs to slow down and enjoy life.
Progress isn't always the right thing to do and it's always at some cost.

buon fine settimana Pietro

Buongiorno Pietro, la cività che avanza rovinando un territorio, che inciviltà!

Un saluto e sereno fine settimana Pietro!

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro,
I went to the link... but I can't give an opinion...

Amazing this first photo with the red light and the flag. Very suggestive. So beautiful this blue sky and green mountain, too!

Thanks for your visiting on Leituras. You are always very welcome! I am glad that the Translator can helps.
Everything about your country is beautiful-even your flags of protest.
I wonder if it has something to do with the people's involvement in making sure your environment is well cared for.

i agree with catherine. still the environment is to be considered.

Why do not want the TAV? What are the consequences of the project? I'm interested to know :) Thanks, Pietro!

The TAV is a desastrous project for a lot of reasons, including :
- the destruction of this tiny valley of Val Susa
- it's hig speed = noise, pollution (a lot of electrical energy is needed for high-speed, this encourages the construction of new nuclear plants), vibrations
- it will mainly serve to transport goods : a lot of trains every day to achieve the frenetic economic globalization in Europe (instead of consuming local goods when possible)
- enormous amount of rocks to take off the mountain to do the tunnels, a lot of these rocks beeing radioactive. Where are they gonna put them ? what about the radioactive dust for the population and the workers ??
- there is an existing line between Lyon and Turin, that could be modernized and used instead, but not with the french TGV (high speed train) but with a few adaptation with italian train. This train line could be effective in less time and a lot less money, with a little less speed indeed.

These are just a few arguments of the no tav movement that i can remember (i've met an opposant from the val susa about 2 years ago)
You can find a lot of information on the web in italian, french or english, by searching "No Tav".

thanks for talking of this small valley that needs support !

(and sorry for my bad english !)

Very informative post indeed!

Hi Pietro!
I didn't know TAV at all.
I learned TGV when I was in junior high!
high speed trains are really convenient becase we can go to various places even if we hadn't much time.
but local slow trains are good.
Because we can enjoy seeing scenery while being relaxed!
I can't choose one out of them!

Marie Reed
Catherine 's comment hit the nail on the head! I would certainly like a direct line so that I could visit you faster! .. but the destruction of the gorgeous landscapes that you have presented us here would be tragic!

So, it means that the no Tav people don't want me to take the TGV to get to Torino... ;((

ciao Pietro, buona giornata

Grazie Pietro per i tuoi apprezzamenti alle mie poesie.

Un saluto e buon proseguimento di settimana!

The Blonde Duck
They're trying to do that here too...

I wasn’t aware of this No TAV campaign ... Isn’t it possible to construct this railway with minimum harm to the nature?

Frankensteam's Monster
As an 'Ugly American', my first reaction is train = good, but that's mainly because I'm a rail fan. I like trains. Here in the U.S., we progressives, consider ourselves 'Greens.' Yet, you Greens don't want the new innovations, fearing that it will degrade your natural wilderness. OK. So be it. Consider this though: Only Europe and Asia are building high speed trains. America, has nothing comparable. A couple of our fastest trains, in the North East, go 70mph--that's something like 120kph? (sorry, we don't do metric) I would kill a puppy, to be anywhere, within 150miles, in under two hours, by train. So, this post is just for comparison. I'm not taking side on an issue that is local. I don't live in your beautiful valley, so, I don't know what to tell you. I just know that, we should be so lucky to have 'your' problems.