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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


February 7, 2009

Fontana Angelica

Fontana Angelica

The Fontana Angelica of piazza Solferino, in Turin, was made by the Torinese sculptor Giovanni Riva in 1929.

Fontana Angelica

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Pietro: nice foto es preciosa y es que...Italia es preciosa...he estado alli...Felicidades!!!

Marie Reed
These are very powerful images! I feel the strength and might of them!

Oh this is splendid. I just love the detail and I can almost hear the water from this fountain! That is how good this photograph is!
Very nice, Pietro!

They are some strong looking characters. That's a gorgeous fountain. You have brought light into my day. I am imagining the sound of a fountain. Thanks.

What an imposing sculpture, Pietro ! Your Italian sculptors were masters, especially concerning fountains realisation.
That's art work from an other time.

I love how you catch, like a snapshot, the water in suspension.

Hi Pietro, one day I'll definitely have to land in Torino...
Beautiful shots!

The Blonde Duck
Those are wonderful images! Very pretty!

What a beautiful fountain and its architectural style! I like the ways water splashing all around. It is interesting that the fountain still works in spite of snow and that the water wasn’t frozen.
what a beautiful fountain, a real work of art. I love this Pietro. Your city is lovely.

Running water is always refreshing to see, and this is a beatitiful statue. I wonder if the path of the water shows, after 80 years...

How beautiful! I would like to make a wish at this fountain!

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A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

I wonder who was the model of these statues, Arnold Schwarzenegger was an orphan against them, lol !

sonia a. mascaro
Very beautiful pictures, Pietro! I think that Turin is a wonderful place to live in!

Have a nice Sunday!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: What a neat look at the fountain, I would have thought it was so much older. It must have been made in a more ancient style of building. You did a great job of capturing the water flow.

Bella questa foto Pietro si vede l'acqua in due sue forme liquida nella fontana e solida sotto forma di neve a terra.
Scusami ma toglimi una curiosità, perchè questa fontana si chiama Angelica?

Un saluto Pietreo, buona serata e buon inizio settimana!

What an elaborate and beautiful sculpture and fountain. I like the snow on the ground around it. I'm sure the walkway is more interesting than snow, but to me the snow just adds something.

Very nice picture, but it must be exhausting to spit out water the whole day !

Buongiorno Pietro grazie per aver soddisfatto la mia curiosità.

Un saluto e buona giornata.

i think the first shot is perfectly composed. bravo.

Hi Pietro!
it's very beautiful!
There isn't such a beautiful stuff around my house also my work.

Lovely movement of water :)

Fantastic fountain!
A magnificent work on stone.

ciao Pietro, come và tutto bene
buona serata

very beautiful fountain pic! love it so much.

wow! we dont have fountains that big and that elegant here in the philippines.

lovely captures!

Marie Reed
I enjoy the detail of the splashing water too!

Me again! Thanks for the information on my sketch drawing!!
I remember drawing this from memory something a loooooong time ago from seeing in a post card or a magazine or something when I was younger in my sketch book and then I just never finished and then decided to finish it up one year!
So it's good to finally put a location to where I got this sketch picture from so I thank you so much!!

I really like this fountain. Great job by the sculptor.


Pietro there photos are very pretty!

Very fascinating pictures! I just love so much this kind of sight. :)

ciao Pietro, non so com'è il tempo perche anchio non ho aperto la porta che da sul giardino,la mia prima cosa e accendere il pc

Buongiorno Pietro un saluto e buona giornata.

Hi Pietro!
Something new at Blogtrotter! Enjoy, comment and have a great weekend! ;))