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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


November 24, 2008

Sad autumn

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gloomy yet the beauty of those trees lined up still creates an amazing view.

I have seen gloomier! The colours are still bright, although a bit less than usual. Was it raining?

Hmmm... a very unique perspective of these aligned trees. I understand the atmosphere of the dreariness of the day, however, the photo still has the wonderful quality of Autumn.

Hello Pietro!
yes, if I walk there alone, I would feel be lonely.
It's getting cold day by day.
but after sad autumn we can enjoy snowboarding:)

It does look a bit gloomy, but if I put my children in there, they would liven it up by playing in the leaves. They would not care how grey and sad and cold the day was. We do not have a lot of leaves her, so they rarely get to play in them.
Pietro the colors are still beautiful and I like the impressionistic feel of this too. Nicely captured my friend!

I love the mood and the timeless, eternal, mysterious beauty here.

beautiful atmosphere of autumn!!

sonia a. mascaro
So beautiful photo, Pietro! I would like to be there for a walk.

PS: Please, may you teach me how to do for not allow the right click on photos?
Thank you.

my e-mail is:

oh wow it looks's raining here it's gloomy here too.

Pietro, did you get tears in your eyes ? ; )
Why sad? You don't like Autumn?

Anyway, that's an interesting picture. With atmosphere . You showed me that sometimes imperfection in sharpness (netteté)leads up to a better result, it depends what you want to illustrate.
You're a magician with a lot of technic, Pietro.

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro,
Thank you for the link to the site Magiagrafica. It's great! But I don't know why, it do not works for me... I guess I made some Html errors... I will try again. Thanks anyway!
Have a nice week.

It's definitely gloomy here, where I am now. That picture is melancholic!

sonia a. mascaro
Hi Pietro,
Thank you! I will try again!
Have a nice day!

Interesting... but why sad!?

Great perspective, Pietro. The woods are so inviting.

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Marie Reed
This picture makes me want to drink hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream!

What an awesome shot. Like Sonia, I would like to take a walk there.


Beautiful composition and the perspective on this photo! I can feel some sadness, depression and mystery in this photo but the light that comes from the distance smile at me and I answer it with a smile as well. :-)

Peut-être triste mais très artistique! Très belle photo cher Pietro!

It looks like a dream ... a fantastic shot )

IS autumn sad or are you sad, Pietro? I hope not, or if you were, I hope it has passed!