Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


November 18, 2008



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I like it! You have a very crisp and clean style.

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I agree it is very crisp and clean also the colours are very vibrant!

You are a great "painter", artist...

See You later !

Perfect curve for a face with perfect lines.
I like too how you realized the background. It seems painted as if the first line was good, and you haven't had to do it again, lines after lines, regular, with a self confident hand. See what I mean ? Comme si la première esquisse était la bonne, sans besoin de retouches. Il est difficile de parler d'une peinture, il suffit de regarder, de ressentir et d'apprécier.

~Floating Lotus
oh what a pretty pic!! =D

I like this one. It has all my favourite colours. Is she an angel?

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This makes me curious to see the inspiration.

The colors are wonderful. I usually don't like too much pink and purple together (too cool), but the brightness of this gives it warmth.

Awesome! I love the brightness of the eyes amidst the purples... it's a perfect combination! What a beautiful piece! =)


grazie Pietro, sei sempre molto gentile con i tuoi commenti, la fotografia mi affascina come mi attraggono i mutamenti delle stagioni, forse sono rimasta un'inguaribile romantica. forse l'ultima. l'alba che hai visto l'ho scattata dove abito a Pino Torinese
ciao pierangela

Silvia is one beautiful lady!

Lovely name and beautiful lady who I see as a strong and resolute woman but who is suddenly caught with the curlers in her beautiful hair. That is how I see this improvisation.:-)

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Pietro: An interesting look at 'Sylvia'. I don't understand how true art is produced. As an Engineer I have a hard time in thinking in those directions. You made a nice interpretation on this painting.
Pietro, what a beautiful portrait you have made. Well done.

another digital art piece! she looks futuristic to me.

I like this painting very much dear Pietro :-)

Hi Pietro!
Did you write this while thinking of your girlfriend? ;)
It's really beautiful also it has really beautiful colors:)

Your style is very unusual and great. Love the colours.

oh wow so pretty!

buon fine settimana

sonia a. mascaro
What a vibrant and colorful painting! Very nice!

molto bella la tua "improvisation"
vedo che anche tu sei mattiniero
ti auguro buon fine settimana

forse la solitudine fa parte della nostra vita, buona serata

ciao Pietro ho letto che anche tu hai dei sogni.. così non mi sento sola a sognare,

Hi Pietro! It’s always great when I have a chance to get here! And this time I got a fabulous surprise! Great job!!

Now, interested in Tunisia? Blogtrotter has it now! ;)) Hope you enjoy! Have a great week!

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She is very striking.

I very much like the colors. ;-)