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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


October 30, 2008

Sky Watch 31/10/2008

The Sacra di San Michele

The Sacra di San Michele is an imposing monastery in the Val di Susa at the top of the Monte Pirchiriano (962m). Built in the late 10th century for the Benedictine monks, it has been an important study center; now it's in the hands of the Rosminian fathers. There is a steep climb to the entrance (in the photos, left side of the mountain).

Enjoy Sky Watch everybody!

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: That is an awesome shot of the monastery in the sky. You captured it beautifully. I would love to be there.

Majestic photos!

Usually I would say the climb would be worth it. And I'm sure it is. However, it is beautiful from the bottom. And what a sky!

Just great pictures of a great hill and a great castle.

Nice weekend.

Guy D
Simply stunning pictures. I would love to see the view from that building. Thanks for sharing!

Regina In Pictures

Whenever I see these monasteries, I wonder about the process of building way up there! Can you imagine hauling the supplies and the work equipment? Stunning - lovely shots.

Brad Myers
Good photos, something about the climb plays me out.

That picture has an over powering feel to it.

EG CameraGirl
What a magnificent spot for a monastery!

Photo Cache
that is some view. like louise, with that steep climb, the view from down here is pretty fabulous too.

Impressive picture! Gorgeous!

I have always loved this monastery and it's setting. Thank you for posting it.

Oh là là !
On y monte comment en haut de cette montagne ???

Belles photos, dis donc !

Hey... it's my name!! Well... kind of =)
What amazing shots.
Perched up there like a bird on the cliff... what an amazing photos...
Very nice post indeed!!
Mountain Retreat- Canada

Gill - That British Woman
what stunning scenery great photos.

Gill in Canada

What a dramatic place and great shot

Pietro, that is a fantastic shot! Really nice view.

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A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Sylvia K
Breathtaking and I love, too, love the way you captured it. Thank you!

Two awesome images! I can hardly imagine being at the top. It must be beautiful up there.
A stunning capture of stone and sky!

Wow! What a wonderful photo. The climb to the monastery must be worth it.


That makes me feel like climbing that mountain!

It is beautiful that where you live you can look up and see the earth!

It seems that this beautiful monastery can touch that lovely blue sky. I can imagine what a wonderful view is from the top the hill. Really very attractive photo!

I know it was probably built there for defensive reasons, but it almost looks as if they were trying to touch heaven. Beautiful! Happy SWF. :)

Beautiful pictures.
It must have been a huge work to built it on top of that mountain.

This monastery seems to live among the skies )))
Great Capture!

pensa che torinese sono, non sono mai stata alla Sagra di S Michele
ciao da pierangela

Ciao Pietro! La vista del monastero su questo grande monte e sotto il cielo azzuro è spettacolare veramente!

p.s. Ho cambiato indirizzo:

Beautiful scenery, your photography does it justice:-)

Louis la Vache
No doubt it is indeed a steep climb, but also no doubt that visiting this ancient monastery would be worth the effort!

Such amazing photos!
We were in Milan last November.
We used to live in Italy years ago.
I will come back to visit your sit.
Came to you via Paz.
Greetings from Manhattan.

On our way to Italy, I saw a structure on top of the mountain like that! It surely is a wonderful view!

Hi Pietro! Back to the Blogosphere to enjoy these fabulous pictures! Wonderful place, but I don't think I would climb all those stairs... ;)
Meanwhile Blogtrotter is now strolling somewhere around the Holy See of Echmiadzin. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Great photograph and what an amazing structure on the top. I would love to see it for myself. Thanks for sharing.

These far-off, high-up monasteries make me realize that one had to want the moastic life through and through to get there. What an amazing view. Thanks, Pietro.

sonia a. mascaro
Great photos, Pietro! The first is just stunning! I can imagine the wonderful view from the top.

Many, many years ago I read the book The Story of San Michele, by Axel Munthe, but I confess I did not remember the story... (LOL).

Hi Pietro!
The Sacra di San Michele is really beautiful!
I didn't know Sacra di San Michele!
so I checked it on the net.
I really want to go there!
Thank you for posting this fantastic picture!

wow! i can stay there the whole year! i just imagine the view when im actually on its highest part.

"steep climb" to avoid visitors, no? You must deserve to arrive at the top with a strong will.
A beautiful mountain retreat Pietro! It is so idyllic.