Pietro Brosio Gallery: Town Hall
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Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.

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August 23, 2008

Town Hall

Turin - The townhall (1663) in the Piazza Palazzo di Città

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Very interesting shot--almost dizzying. But it was begging for a picture. Glad you obliged.

Photo très étonnante . L'art du détail !

I don’t know if those are red and green lamps of square shape that hang on the metal construction or something else but it looks interesting and colorful. That is something new against that beautiful old building with beautiful balconies on the simple façade. I find this photo nice and interesting.

Louis la Vache
Very interesting perspective, Pietro, the juxtaposition of the classic elegance of the 17th century Town Hall against the geometry of the modern 'sculpture.'

WOW! Pietro this is such a cool photo, a beautiful graphic design.

That's fantastic! It's so colourful and reminds me of our town fiestas in the Philippines.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your kind comments. Have a fab weekend!


Art and Poetry
Truly a great photo!

Another wonderful photo. I love everything about it -- from the angle to the colors, to the building in the background with the clock ....


Fabulous photo!

It was wonderful to scroll down as this photo loaded. It's a great composition. Love the colors, too. God bless, friend.

wow! It's beautiful.
Italian people has incredible taste of art also using color.
are there lantern?
It would look very beautiful at night:)

LOVE this shot. The symmetry makes the photo really unique. Cheers!

amazing! looks like it really took a lot of time to do that.

i've been bloghopping and found your site... nice shots! it's so cool to see things in different perspectives! :-)

WOW ))) love these amazing lamps ))) they look completely adorable )

Hi Pietro!
Can I put your blog's link on my blog?

excellent shot of a town hall pietro.

sorry for not visiting these past few days because i used the 3-day weekend we had in our country to wander around my neigbouring towns and city.

have a great day ahead.

whoaa,,tatzz a gr88 pic.. :-)

Are those lanterns hanging there. They are very pretty colors. i also like the geometric feel of this photo.

Louis la Vache
"Louis" had to come back for another look. ;-)

These lamps are far more appropriate than those hideous objects on the plaza at Le Palais Royal in Paris....

Thank you for the surprise visit to my blog, and your nice comment.
I have very much enjoyed looking at the first part of your blog. All the art and photos are wonderful. I'll return to see more!

Maria P.
interesting perspective!

With this picture, I feel the eye of the painter. You couldn't resist, could you? Wonderful combination.

sonia a. mascaro
Wow! What a wonderful and creative photo, Pietro! Well done!

That's an incredible photo...great vision to grab all the line and colors