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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


August 18, 2008

Perspectives 2

Turin, arcade of the Palazzo Carignano (1871)

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That is gorgeous, Pietro!

Brilliant! I can't take my eyes off this picture )))

This is fantastic photo and the perspective, indeed! The depth of the photo is great as well as the colour tones and the light of the sun.

sonia a. mascaro
Stunning photo of the arcade of the Palazzo Carignano, Pietro! Just wonderful!

Thanks for your nice comment on my Ecological Day's post. I will like so much if you join it on September 2. Would be great!

What an incredible place. It exudes greatness. Wonderful photo.

AWESOME!! This is fantastic! I totally love the perspective in this photo.... you outdid yourself in this one! I love it!
Mountain Retreat

Wow. Your capture never cease to amaze me. Great shot as always.

Have a nice day to you and your love ones.

love hallways with hallways with high ceilings!

Beautiful ceiling arches. Lovely architecture. I love this photo.


Great shot. Love the length of the corridor.

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Louis la Vache
Pietro - "Louis" loves architectural/geometrical shots like this. Very fine!

"Louis" noticed that you like Bach. "Louis" does also. The Germans have a saying (sometimes attributed to the Swiss-German theologian Karl Barth):

When God in heaven commands His angels to play music for Him, the always play Bach. But when they play just for themselves, they play Mozart.

It's very beautiful.
I've never been to there.
but I wanna go there someday.


This shot is awesome...I took one similar underneath a pier's a much better shot that you have posted.

~Just Me Miranda~

The Fitness Diva
What a gorgeous archway...

It's as if it goes on forever, great photo

Wow. This is a beautiful photograph. You have the perspective just right.
the colors captured here evoke something warm and serene. beautiful.

Fantastic arches. Thanks for the fascinating quote on my post.

Is this the same as Turino (ITaly?) What great architecture!

Louis la Vache
Pietro, regarding your comment Chez Louis about that hill - it gives "Louis" a bit of vertigo! He shot that photo about halfway down the hill!

Gerald (Ackworth born)
excellent tunnel effect

Torino o Nizza?
Here, I reconize the eye of the Arts lover. The perspective is so neat.
I was wondering how many time have you passed before all human beings desappear from the view. I've taken one at Nice, and I regret I haven't been as patient as you were. Yours is so perfect. Great Job!