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June 26, 2008

Sky Watch 27/6/2008

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wow! spectacular view of the mountain!
My Sky Watch Friday post

Spectacular and magnificent!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Peitro: Wonderful and majectic mountain shot.

Pat - Arkansas
Lovely! I like how the snow covered mountain and the clouds seem to become one. Just beautiful.

An amazing shot! I really like it.

me ann my camera
Very lovely to see such magnificence almost diminished with misty cloud cover. A fragile looking result.
varying seasons

I am now taking a diminishing dose of steroids for my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and it works. I believe the chemotherapy drug is spelled "Methotrexate" that is used to treat a lot of things from cancer to arthritis will be used next. I just relish in being pain free.

So I am not participating in Sky Watch Friday just because I might not be able to make it around to all.

I enjoyed seeing your blog post for Sky Watch Friday and I thought your photography was excellent. The sky is fantastic.

I don't know if you like to read or not but if you do this place is amazing.

I just got my first shipment of used books from Strand's bookstore in New York City, day before yesterday and they are in excellent condition.

They have 18 miles of used books. Think about that—18 miles. I had to start out by just choosing a category, like photography, and go from there.

I don't know how in the world they can keep track of so many books.

Look up Strand bookstore or copy and paste the URL here:

That is a massive combination of snow, sleet and cloud. I am glad you let just a little peek of blue shine through. Must have been cold ...

Thank you for helping to make Sky Watch so popular and special. I hope you enjoy your Sky Watch as much as I do.

Amazing photo. Your photography is incredible here and you have shown all of your talents. Very very good! Bravo!
Mountain Retreat

Voz do meu Coração
Photo very beautiful, congratulations.

Sandpiper (Lin)
That's really spectacular!

Pretty Life Online
Pretty one for SWF! Which reminds me the quote... "we all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon".... Mine's up too hope you can drop by. Happy Weekend!

Trish ~ ♥ ~
looks cold ~ and I needed that it's 95 (F) here today

Your SKF is unique and beautiful. Your whole blog is beautiful.

I'll be back!

Jane Hards Photography
Fabulous mountain.

Wow! Looks like a giant avalanche. Very cool.

Wow.... fascinating how the mountain merges into the clouds. Reminds me of Mount Ranier in Seattle, WA. Some days it would be a floating island, some days it would be a mountain and some days you didn't even know it was there.

WOW! The mountain is growing into the clouds! Nice!

I am back again...

Thanks to you and others, I get a big lift out of trying to outdo myself and post things that may surprise some and make others laugh a bit and most of all make lots of people aware of things that might not know much about.

When somebody actually takes the time to write a comment about my work and what I do, that to me is the biggest gift a person can give another. It is a smile on greeting, it is a welcome handshake, and it gives me and my family some hope that the dementia farm is still down the road.

You, yourself, are an inspiration to me. I come back not only to say, "thanks for visiting and leaving a comment" but thanks for taking the time to photograph things of interest and great beauty. Without that, blogging would be about as exciting as a wart on the end of my nose.

So, thanks for stopping at my blog. And rest assured, when you do, I will always try to visit your blog, in return, and leave a comment on your blog. I might not think your photography is ready for the masterpiece award, but it got my attention.


Abraham Lincoln
oldmanlincoln in Brookville, Ohio

Oh, what a refreshing photo in these hot summer days! It seems that those mountain’s rocks, white from the snow, merged with the white clouds; it looks like a vision. Your sky watch post is just fantastic!

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Amazing shot. It all blends in together. Love it.

nice pic

Wonderful shot. How do you do it?

Great sky watch picture!!!!

This is just beautiful. I love the colors and brightness. It really shows the beauty of Earth. Thank you for the comment!

Hey where's the line separating the sky and the mountain?

Great view...must be so cold! Happy sky watching!

Great capture for sky watch!
Have a nice weekend.

Where does begin the montain, and where does the clouds stops. Nature gets so much nuances sometimes.
A very refreshing time you offer us today, was it taken in Italy?

Thanks for the link. I have done likewise (or will in two seconds)!

Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Wow! Wonderful shot! But the pictures of the Consolata are also magnificent. Did you use a tripod?
Have a great weekend!

amazing blend of colors in the photo.

On a hot, summer day in Birmingham, I am going to pull up this lovely photo and chill out.