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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


June 20, 2008

Feast of the Consolata

The Sanctuary of Consolata, known simply as La Consolata, is one of Turin's most splendid example of the baroque. The Sanctuary dates back to Guarini and Juvarra (centuries XVII-XVIII) and in 1906 became papal basilica by the Pope Pio X. The worship of Saint Mary the Consoler dates back to the 4th century but received great impulse in 1104, when, on 20th June, the blind Jean Ravais, coming from Briançon after a vision, found the effigy of Consolata got lost and simultaneously recovered the sight. From then on the worship of Consolata has never been interrupted.

The superior altar, inaugurated in 1714, is due to Juvarra. In the middle, displayed among a series of angels, the picture of Consolata.

Our Lady Consolata

The Crypt of the Grazie, on the same place where the effigy was found in 1104, has a refine baroque altar; the stuccoes of the vault date back to the XVIII century.

The organ (1861) is due to Guglielmo Bianchi. On the couples of pilasters in red marbles of Verona are hanging the ovals showing the "Via Crucis" of the painter Nicola Arduino.

On the vault the fresco showing the glory of the Virgin (Bartolonio, century XVIII)

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Beautiful pictures ! I hope to go to Verona again when we will stay at the Garda lake for 10 days to visit family and friends. It's not very far !

Just saw your paintings ! I love them, they are so colorful ! I paint too mostly cats also very colorful but in Acryl
Gattina's Paintings

wow! what a beautiful place! i like the architectural structure on the first photo.

These are gorgeous photos. You are very talented. Thanks for these views of this beautiful place.

Very Baroque, you're right!
You teach me something with the story of Jean Ravais! You and Livio are good ambassadors of your city of Torino. Thanks to share your beautiful country of Art.

Oh My... this is magnificent! This is a feast for the eyes. I am very impressed and happy to learn about The Sanctuary of Consolata. Wonderful photos.. very nice indeed!

Maria P.

Un barroquismo impactante el de esta iglesia.
Las fotos estupendas. Adoro la pintura de esta Madonna. No conocia tu Blog, como me ha gustado, volveré.

This series of photos is outstanding! The architectural style, the details and the interior decoration of the church are really very impressive.

An outstanding series of photos.

Diederick Wijmans
You have a very interesting blog. I will visit it more often!!

Livio Bonino
Stavo pensando anch'io ad un post sulla Consolata che ho intenzione di pubblicare più avanti durante l'estate, spero di essere all'altezza di questo che hai presentato tu.

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Anyway, I wanted you to know I stopped-in to repay your visit and comment with mine.

I enjoyed reading your blog post for today about the Sanctuary of Consolata and I thought your photography was excellent.

Thanks for the nice comment on my Birmingham blog. I think you are very talented. Will definitely check back here often.

wow your blog is amazing, the photography is absolutely amazing. Anna :)