Pietro Brosio Gallery: The church of San Lorenzo
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Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.

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April 5, 2012

The church of San Lorenzo

The church of San Lorenzo in Turin, a gem of the european baroque, was built in 1634 by the Teatine fathers

The highlight of the octagonal interior is the spectacular luminous dome designed in 1666 by the architect Guarino Guarini

The high altar


Wooden pulpit

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Spectacular, every part of it.

E' stupenda questa chiesa.
Una serena Pasqua Pietro.

o.t. ti ricordi di quel dipinto in un ristorante di Hannover? Dell'autore si sa solo che è inglese e non famoso, peccato.

World Treasure Bella!

Aloha from Honolulu
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Sylvia K
Such an incredibly beautiful cathedral, Pietro! Wonderful captures! Thank you for sharing the beauty with us!


Buona Pasqua Pietro.
Immagini che parlano da sole..

I'm always amazed by the artistic power of the early architects. This is a lovely building--I especially like the altar pieces. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful part of your country.
Happy weekend!

Dai tuoi scatti si percepisce tutta la maestosità e la bellezza di questa chiesa.

Un abbraccio Pietro e augurissimi per una serena Pasqua!

Photo Cache
wow, european churches/cathedrals are simply magnificent. i want to see this in person.

happy easter.

Oh, my goodness! What a beautiful place. That dome is as delightful as it is amazing.

Ciao Pietro, le tue foto mi fanno scoprire sempre qualcosa di prezioso.
Passo per augurarti una Pasqua serena.
Con affetto,

Hi Pietro! Hope you’re having a Happy Easter! Sorry for the absence, but things are ever more difficult here...


Have a great week ahead!!!

magnificent church and breathtaking images!

magnificent church and breathtaking images!

Blond Duck
I hope you had a great Easter!

sonia a. mascaro
Wow! What a gorgeous church, Pietro.
The luminous dome is really stunning. Great photos!

sonia a. mascaro
I forgot to say "Happy Easter"!
(Sorry my belated greetings)

Passate le feste pensiamo seriamente ad una dieta:-) Un cordiale saluto Pietro.

Beautiful shots of church. Interiors are amazing.

Buon fine settimana Pietro!

Buon fine settimana, nonostante la pioggia, ma siamo attrezzati per tutto:-)

Hi Pietro!
churches in Italy look so great.
I wanna visit this church someday!
by the way seeing Italy weathere on the left side of your blog, it gonna be rain tomorrow.
here it's raining, too!

and I ate spaghetti with cream sauce last week. it was very good.
In Japan there are a lot of good Italian restaurants.
and please try to eat Japanese food. it's very good, too!

have a lovely weekend, Pietro!

M. Reka
Such a beautiful cathedral. Thank you for sharing those amazing photos with us!

I hope you had a lovely Easter, Pietro!

Have a great weekend :)

What lovely detail and you've captured it beautifully Pietro!

Ah... I have to go to Turin...

Beautiful interiors.