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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


May 12, 2011


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That is a lot of wood! Somebody is going to have a nice warm fire next winter.

Sylvia K
Beautiful captures of a lovely place, Pietro, and someone is indeed going to have a nice warm fire next winter!! Hope you have a great weekend!


sonia a. mascaro
What a gorgeous view to the mountain and beautiful blue sky. The house on the first photo looks charming.
It's really a lot o wood...

Have a pleasant day.

Splendide! Sembra di sentire l'odore della legna appena tagliata...
Ciao Pietro, buona serata!

Buon fine settimana Pietro, un cordiale saluto, belle foto, con tutto quel legno cosa possiamo costruire?

Hi Pietro! Lovely countryside... and weather... ;)

After the Blogger calamity this week, Blogtrotter Two is showing the last post on Amsterdam 2010... Enjoy and have a superb weekend!!

Going to be some nice warm fires in the house when winter comes.
Great pictures. So many trees.
They need one of these log splitters:

Hi Pietro, beautiful countryside. Excellent images as always!

Have a great weekend :)

I can almost smell that wonderful wood. . .I spent my first 5 years living w/my grandmother who ran a small sawmill in the timber and sold poles. Thanks for the memories!
Lovely photos too. . .happy weekend, Pietro.

Incredible wood, there! What a vast and beautiful place.

Sylvia K
I see my earlier comment got lost in the Blogger problem! Incredible captures! That is a lot of wood! Preparing for winter I assume! Those gorgeous blue skies don't seem to call for a fire just now! Hope your weekend is going well, Pietro!


Hi pietro!
you took these pictures last weekends, right?
I know how you had comfortable time there.
fresh air, beautiful scenery and you were able to have good lunch after walking a lot!

Pietro, very striking images.
Excellent subject.
Anna :)

Buon inizio nuova settimana sperando in un tempo clemente (senza mastella)
:-)))Un caro saluto e grazie

Hi Pietro!
today it was a sunny day here!
but tomorrow it' gonna be rainning.
I don't like rainning after the earthquake. because the water has radio active metal.
anyway, Have a happy monday, Pietro!

The Blonde Duck
Poor trees.

Beautiful shots of the place.

Ciao Pietro, qui al nord ci siamo comportati alla grande..speriamo nel sud:-) Un caro saluto.
Per tutto il legname, va bene..una bella grigliata?

here in the philippines... some of our forest has been devastated but through the efforts of wwf and green groups... we're hoping to save the remaining forest.
Beautiful vistas Pietro!
I can just imagine cozying up to a fire while gazing at this glorious view.

The Blonde Duck
Then you should enter the contest!

Loved this timber story in pics. :)

it's so beautiful and sunny :) We're having crazy weather here..super hot and the next day it's flooding!!

take care..summer is coming!

Love that second shot... the logs pointing to the hills :)

The Blonde Duck
Maybe I'll have a photography contest sometime. :)

Photo Cache
already planning for the winter eh? you do have a lovely countryside.

glorious country

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




Not too early for winter preparations;) Have a great B.Giornata Pietro.


Is the snow still on the mountains? Love you you photographed the wooden trunks!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Love your look at the wood supply for the cabin.