Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


June 10, 2010

Blue, red, white, pink, yellow

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Sylvia K
Exquisite, breathtaking captures, Pietro! Such glorious colors! What lovely pictures to wind down my day! Thanks for sharing the beauty!
Hope your week has gone well so far!


E' veramente uno spettacolo poter ammirare questa mattina le tue foto Pietro... che meraviglia di colori!!!

Un abbraccio e buona giornata.

Des belles qui ne craignent pas les plans rapprochés. Beauté parfaite.

Ciao Pietro!
it's really beautiful!
it's fun to see various color's flowers in Spring also summer:)

Louis la Vache
WOW! What a fine bouquet you've presented your readers, Pietro! These flowers would bring a smile to any face!

che colori meravigliosi, così come i particolari!

Photo Cache
aren't they the most delightful flowers? and you showed them at their best. thanks.

and have a great weekend.

The Blonde Duck
The colors are spectacular!

These are magnificent photos, Pietro. The texture you have captured and the subtle shading are just amazing.

sonia a. mascaro
Wow, what fantastic pictures, Pietro! Outstanding!

Have a happy day!

These are stunning my friend!
Beautifully captured.

C'è tanta poesia, autentica poesia, in queste foto meravigliose :-)
Buon fine settimana.

The sunshine loved them so much, and here's the lovely pansies smiling so big. What are the white dots ... on them? I've a few pansies at home, but there's no white punto puntos.
Have a nice weekend.

I cannot get enough of this beauty! I love pansies very much because they always look like gorgeous! This collection of various colors is absolutely wonderful! Your photos are fantastic.
Have a nice weekend!

Meravigliosi Pietro, immortalati ai Giardini Reali?
Buona serata :-)

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens
The scent and colours of "Pensees" are reminiscent of golden summer days. I always plant a basket full of those beauties, here in autumn and spring as summer is to hot.

Amazing assortment of colours!

buon weekend Pietro.

Pietro buon week-end ... un abbraccio !
Wow! Pietro! these are AMAZING shots! I love Pansies & you have captured them wonderfully.

Bella bella bella, questa variazione di colori della natura:)))I tuoi fiori brillano, fosforescano!!!
Buona domenica e un grande abbraccio

Excellent selection of colors. I love the red ones, never seen them too. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Beautiful captures of the multi-colored pansies.

Azz, Pietro, ancora una volta mi sono "sbagliato"
Buona domenica sera :-)

beautiful flowers. one can actually devote one blog featuring just flowers.

Louis la Vache
«Louis» thanks you for your nice comment about his Sunday Bridge image.

He got this shot early one morning - around 0500 with a full moon setting behind the clouds and the bridge. It is the same morning he got this shot.

Wow truly mesmerizing beauty.
Love all.
Thank you for sharing Pietro.

Ciao Pietro, buon inizio settimana ed un caro saluto.:-)

Un saluto Pietro e buon inizio di questa nuova settimana!

Ciao Pietro,
In a reply to your question:
Electricity boxes in Ist'l are painted with different subjects, not only landscapes as I displayed on my blog. One time I was driving, and I saw a young woman looking from the window with a very nice decolleté dress.. But I could not stop and take a photo. Yes topics about life, abstracts, animals,.. many varied paintings that there are. Wish I could have more time, and dedicate my one day to take their shots, you know Ist'l is incredibly big town and there's terribly traffic on the roads. I am not sure if one day would be enough for my photo taking tour..

Hope this may helpful for you. Discuss this one-of-a-kind lovely art box painting with the Torino Mayor, and start painting your boxes:) Do invite me to see them when your project finished:)

Have a great weekend & thanks for your so kind comments as usual. You're sempre welcome if you have further questions.


The Blonde Duck
Hope you had a good weekend!

Amazing close-ups, Pietro! The colors are so delightful on the eye.
Your header reminds of Georges Braque; I wonder if you've seen the film 'Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies' by Arne Glimcher?

Short Poems
The colors are amazing!
Really beautiful pics :)
Marinela x

sonia a. mascaro
Thank you Pietro, for your nice comment on my post "A Bedroom with a View".
Have a good week ahead.

Flowers make life so much more colorful.
Some of yours are new to me.

Very colorful, such lovely shots.

Beautiful, such a variety of colors.

Beautiful, such a variety of colors.

Beautiful, such a variety of colors.

Not many people like pansies, but I do. I think they have a lot of character and are wonderful for taking photos.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. Have a great start to your week!

Wonderful macros!! Beautiful flowers!!

இڿڰۣ FLO
mais je me demande la quelle choisir de belles pensées

gorgeous flowers :)