Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


December 17, 2009


In piedmontese dialect "torèt" means "small bull" (the bull is the Turin's symbol). The torèt are little public fountains, typical of Turin, with a bull head from which drinking water comes out. The torèt date back to the beginning of the 20th century and are about 700 in the city.

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There are 700?! That's a lot of bull. :)
Strange for me to see water running like that.
These are quite nice Pietro! I love the color and how they are neatly lined up.

Ma che belle che sono queste fontanine... per rubinetto hanno la testa di un torello, il simbolo della città di Torino... ma sono a getto continuo vero Pietro?...

Un saluto e buona giornata!

ciao Pietro, buona giornata.

belle, wow così tante in città? buona giornata!

Very classy!

Hi Pietro!
Warter runs always?
Do people come here to put water in their pots sometimes?

nice one..

Meaning this no one will go thirsty in Torino?
The bulls head seems finely worked.

Photo Cache
How cute are these!!!!

Nice to see the water is drinkable.

The Blonde Duck
So you drink out of that?!?

oggi sono stata ad Ala di stura -5 a mezzogiorno
buona serata Pietro

Pietro, ne me dis pas que les fontaines coulent constamment ??!!

Elles sont très originales, plus que nos fontaines publiques, ici, à Paris. Je suis souvent allée en Italie, mais jamais à Turin. Aujourd'hui j'en apprends un de ses petits secrets....

Hello Pietro. Great place. Wonderful photos!


sonia a. mascaro
Just beautiful these public fountains, Pietro! Love the torèt pictures. As always, I like so much seeing photos of Turin.
Have a nice day!

Buon week end Pietro... un abbraccio!

700 is a lot. Any magic to the number? Those are great photos.

Beautiful. Very creative and artistic.

the toret look nice. very interesting that the bull is Turin's symbol. i didn't know that.


Buon fine settimana, la panettiera mi dice sempre : buona domenica, io le rammento che vorrei prima fare un buon sabato:-)
I torèt sono fantastici, ai giardini dietro casa stamattina era uno spettacolo di stalattiti e stalagmiti:-) Un cordiale saluto.

Ciao Pietro,
So beautifully sympathetic tiny fountains (when I compared to ours:)
I really love Torino's architecture as its different from other Italian towns, isn't it. Yes, making a fountain is easy but most important is to save them. You Torinese achieve this:)
Nice weekend greetings from cold rainy+snowy Ist'l~

Cia Pietro,
These fountains are really lovely. Your photos are beautiful.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Outstanding capture of the neat fountains. The little bulls are really neat.

great that you're showing us your city. keep it up as we are longing to see the difference from a tropical country like ours.

those torets looks nice. we dont have that here.

ciao Pietro buona domenica!

that is so interesting..
is the water running all the time?

Hi Pietro! Always learning! But I'm also concerned; is the water running all the time?

Now, time to relax with a visit to a museum? Blogtrotter is at the British! Enjoy and have a great holiday season!

Sylvia K
Ciao Pietro! What marvelous captures as always! I have the same question some others do, does the water run all the time?

Hope you have a great week and a wonderful holiday!


Louis la Vache
«Louis», being une vache is happy to see his symbolic kin being put to creative use in Torino!

The water is running all the time, altough it is not a wast of water, because these little streams permit a best shift of black waters in the underground - sorry for my bad english :-)