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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


December 12, 2009

Porta Palatina

The Porta Palatina is a roman gate on Turin's north side; it dates back to the I century A.D.

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Per avere tutti questi anni direi proprio che si conserva bene questa Porta Palatina con le due torri.

Un abbraccio Pietro e buon weekend!

Quante volte ho oltrepassato le mura di quella porta :-)
Buon fine settimana

ciao Pietro, buona domenica

beautiful. looks very grand

This is really imposing red-brick gate with two towers on either side. It is a precious monument that resists the time. This photo is beautifully framed with the tree lines on the left and red-brick poles on the right. Great photo!

Fascinating and beautiful!

I'm just realizing the connection between port and portal, thanks to your great image. Thanks.

sonia a. mascaro
What a gorgeous gate, Pietro! I enjoy so much seeing your wonderful city. Really you live in a very nice place. I would love to be there...
Have a good Sunday.

I just saw in your last post that the Alps are snow covered! I do love the view from "the other of the mountain chain"! Unfortunately in Vienna it's still too warm,we had just 3 single snow flake today!
Have a goodweek in Turin, Pietro! Best regards, Maria.

tat'a a nice lamp

A smile from SJ =)

very majestic..

Very beautiful gate and it 1 century AD is pretty old.

Bonsoir Pietro. Une bien belle route pavée pour nous y conduire ! Du solide..qui traverse les siècles...

Photo Cache
I like how the arches go from small to big. Fascinating architectur.

Buon inizio settimana Pietro... qui piove..uffi...

Un abbraccio!
I would love to spend the day here. This looks beautiful & serene.

Hi Pietro! The Porta is awesome and your picture is so clear and well lighted!! Wonderful job!!

Blogtrotter, which is always one year late in posting ;), headed to London December 2008. Enjoy and have a great week!

Unseen India Tours
Fantastic shot !! So lovely and old !! Great post !!Unseen Rajasthan

Ciao Pietro,
This is really fantastic! Magnifique shot, and fabulous start for my Monday. Probably the best preserved example of a Roman city gate must be this, right?
It's color is my most liking. I can't believe you live in another portal of culture, history and art.

Happy Monday & Warm greetings from East Rome in Istanbul:)

A very fine perspective of a great building. Romand knew not only about architecture but also of engineering!

The Blonde Duck
Awesome photo!

speechless here! stunning shot and a really impressive structure you've shown us here.

Ciao Pietro, questa foto (bella!) evoca ricordi del mercato vicino e dei barucci dove si mangia sono curiosa, devo sempre assaggiare tutto:-) L'impressione che mi dà sempre è quella di "annusare" la storia..
Buona giornata ed un caro saluto.

ciao Pietro, il freddo si fa sentire.
buona giornata.

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Pietro: That is one beautiful gate with so much history it has seen.

The Blonde Duck
I hope you enjoyed the Ball!


Wow, I love this gate!

i like that the gate is still there.


If I ever went to Italy, could we meet up? I'll probably go with my boyfriend :D Hehe.